The pool deck of your Bonita Springs, FL, home may fail for many reasons, one being water drainage problems. The specialists at Innovative Construction Solutions are prepared to appropriately, affordably, and quickly repair the problem.

Pool Deck Water Drainage Problems Bonita Springs, FLInnovative Construction Solutions offers the services of building science professionals with specialties in all trade categories. Our experts can diagnose the issue and provide suggestions for effective solutions. The ultimate goal is to help homeowners keep their homes in tip-top condition for as long as possible.

When pool decks have drainage problems, it leads to various other issues. Dirty water will enter the pool; excess water will flow over and destroy landscaping and cause erosion, and the pool’s drainage system could be overwhelmed. The problem may be resolved with a new drain system, or the deck may need to be put back into appropriate slope positioning.

Drain Solutions

Strip Drains

The strip drain option is a narrow metal grate that covers a trench leading away from the patio. These drains are typically used when decks adjoin homes and can keep water from resting against the house.

Spot Drains

The spot drain is usually chosen when the area lacks a place for a strip drain installation. The function is similar, but the drain is round and consists of multiple drains connected via piping. This plan will involve a few drains on the pool deck to collect water rather than allowing it to puddle.

French Drains

A French drain is a gravel-filled pit with a drain pipe at the bottom. This type of drain is installed when the pool deck overflows into landscaping and the water volume is overwhelming.

What Your Inspector Will Look For

When you see any of these signs, call Innovative Construction Solutions to reconfigure the system you have for drainage on your pool deck.

Standing Water – If you see water puddling and not draining, red flags should fly. The standing water will create a slick surface, breed bacteria, and hold dirt, and all of it will eventually flow back into the pool when splashing occurs.

Misdirected Draining – If you see that the water drains, but it isn’t going to the drain as it should, call us. We need to inspect the reason and reconfigure the plan to work appropriately.

Damage – Call us for replacement if your drain system has broken, rusted, or cracked. This area should be part of your regular home inspection.

Landscaping Damage – Too much water coming into your landscaping can be caused by poor deck drainage. Take note of whether this problem occurs when the pool is used, heavy rains occur, or whether it’s a much larger problem.

Pool Deck Renovations and Repair

Innovative Construction Solutions can repair your pool decking regardless of the issue. In some instances, the repair might be as easy as moving a drain, but for others, your pool deck may need to be completely rebuilt. We will begin by ensuring that the soil underneath is stable and proceed from there to ensure that the deck is safe and performs appropriately.

Homeowners in Bonita Springs, FL, would be wise to choose Innovative Construction Solutions for pool deck water drainage problems. We understand the issues, why they happen, and how to fix them. Call today for inspection or repair: (239) 384-5890.