Is your water bill unusually high, but you aren’t sure why? In Marco Island, FL, choose Innovative Construction Solutions for plumbing leak detection and repair. Stop the drip before it becomes a gush and an enormous repair bill.

Plumbing Leaks – The Insidious Cause of Home Damage

Plumbing Leak Detection in Marco Island, FLPlumbing leaks are problematic and often challenging to find when they begin. If allowed to continue, slow drips wear away home materials, allow mold and mildew to grow, and eventually cause catastrophic structural damage. When the leak continues, you will also waste water, pay higher than necessary bills, and experience diminished water pressure.

One significant problem with repairing leaks is locating them. Most leaks are hidden behind walls, so you damage the home more than would be necessary if you could precisely identify the location. We at Innovative Construction Solutions can find the exact location of leaks and fix them without causing undue damage. We work quickly, appropriately, and expertly.

Our measures vary. Thermal imaging cameras allow us to detect changes in heat signatures that indicate leaks, and we use the FLIR camera, the most advanced in the industry.

Other methods of detecting leaks include listening devices to determine where water is flowing or dripping. The tech we use allows us to hear these noises even when the concern is underneath a concrete slab.

When precision is the goal, mini cameras affixed to fiber optic cabling make it possible to find the exact location of small leaks, evaluate the condition of the pipe interior, and mitigate the damage that has to occur as collateral of repairs.

One of the most important reasons to rely on us for finding and repairing plumbing leaks is the professional training we provide our techs. Rather than fighting the situation for days on end and then calling us when you run out of ideas or make the situation ten times worse, call on us from the beginning.

The Innovative Construction Solutions Catalog

Innovative Construction Solutions provides services that promote the health and soundness of home structures through inspection, repair, and construction.

  • Remediation Services
    • Window and roof leaks
    • Water management
    • A/C performance evaluation – system performance testing, air leak evaluation, infrared thermal imaging diagnostics, insulation inspection, ductwork inspection
    • Air leaks
    • Systems testing – A/C performance, generator, electric systems, roofing, and tile
    • Building envelope analysis
  • Construction Services
    • Waterproofing – windows, doors, balconies, decks, tile, stone, Hardie board, exterior wall, below grade, and planter
    • Window and door installation
    • Roofing – concrete tile, clay tile, slate tile, flat, metal, and replacement

Innovative Construction Solutions will provide routine inspections that help homeowners identify problems early so that repairs can be made as quickly as possible. In between inspections, homeowners should watch out for water bills that spike without explanation, a surging water meter, mold or mildew in the home, water puddles, bowed floors or walls, and sounds of water running or dripping.

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