Window installation in your Naples home can be tricky; the smallest mistake could lead to future problems with drafts, water damage, and higher-than-usual utility bills. Let the seasoned professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions handle the job.

Innovative Construction Solutions is composed of licensed general contractors in the State of Florida who provide superior technical and product knowledge for projects of all scales to homeowners and builders.

Naples Window InstallationEven the best window products will not withstand the test of time if poorly installed. Consequently, we take no shortcuts in the installation process. Our qualified team of engineers, technically trained field supervisors and installation technicians are the best in the industry.

We also specialize in the prevention of water intrusion and can help ensure proper performance of your windows after installation.

Should You Consider Energy Efficient Impact Windows?

While new windows can instantly enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your property, improve indoor air quality, improve functionality, and reduce noise, installing energy efficient windows can reduce your utility bills by 30 to 60 per cent.

In Naples, energy efficient impact windows can be a sound investment due to the fact that Florida endures extremely warm temperatures year around and must cope with the possibility of hurricanes and natural disasters.

Choosing impact windows makes sense on many levels. These windows prevent water from damaging the inside of your home, but their primary advantage is structural.

Studies have shown that increased air pressure that enters a home through blown-out windows and doors during a hurricane can cause walls to collapse and roofs to blow off. Keeping the windows and doors intact can help prevent devastating damage.

Impact windows are put through a series of rigorous tests designed to ensure that the windows will resist the penetration of flying debris during a storm.

Different glass options can increase energy efficiency. The most cost-effective option is tinted laminated glass. Laminated glass or insulated laminated glass with a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating will deliver even higher energy savings and require less energy to heat/cool the home. Both choices are ideal for warm climates such as Florida and the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines.

Beyond the obvious energy saving benefits, the laminated glass used in impact windows eliminates up to 99 percent of UV ray damage to the interior furnishings of a home, reduces outside noise transmission into the interior of the home, and may help lower property insurance costs.

From traditional double hung style windows, to sliding patio doors and more, the knowledgeable Innovative Construction Solutions team can walk you through the pros and cons of different replacement windows so you can make the best choice for your job.

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