Minimize the stress of dealing with storm damage in Naples by choosing the best provider of restoration services: Innovative Construction Solutions. Storms are a part of life in the paradise of Southwest Florida, but we have the expertise to return your home to tip-top condition as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Naples Storm Damage Restoration ServicesQuick action can make a decisive difference in the expense and speed of your return to normal. Hiring us to come in right away is the wisest course of action when you have been affected by a storm.

We provide a wide range of services, including clean up, repair, replacement, and storm protection. The one service we don’t provide is mold remediation and repair, but we can identify the problem, refer you to an abatement specialist, and repair the damage done during the removal process.

Knowing that at some point you’ll likely need to recover from a storm, plan in advance by vetting the available providers and knowing who to call beforehand. When you call on us, we’ll go to work as soon as we safely can, protecting your home’s vulnerabilities and beginning the restoration process. We’ll evaluate the situation, create a plan, and keep you updated every step of the way.

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to vacate the home for a time, and your insurance company can provide assistance with this. Once restoration is done, the time might be appropriate to anticipate the next storm and put a few precautionary tricks into motion.

Suggestions for Preventing & Minimizing Storm Damage

  • Keep your landscaping trimmed to minimize the risk of trees and branches falling over onto your residence or vehicles during a storm.
  • Install high-impact storm windows and doors.
  • Install a hurricane shield system on your home’s exterior.
  • Book regular home inspections to identify even the smallest storm damage as early as possible to keep tiny problems from becoming significant ones.

With over 25 years of experience, Innovative Construction Solutions, a daughter company of BCB Homes, offers expert remediation and construction services to homeowners, contractors, and legal and insurance professionals who work in the building arena.

The home inspections and remediation we provide will find all of those small defects that can become larger. We use technology that lets us find even the smallest breaks in the building enclosure without using invasive measures. Our thermal imaging camera detects changes in the level of energy in order to pinpoint the precise areas that are problematic and even how deep the problem goes.

Our FLIR thermal imaging camera is the most advanced infrared technology available, and we use it to provide the most precise information possible.

When we check out your home for storm damage, the job will be thorough. We’ll check the roof to make sure damage to a single shingle or two doesn’t become a widespread issue, windows and doors to ensure that nothing has been damaged and started to leak, even the structure itself to make sure that the home is still sound.

Complete Systems Testing at Innovative Construction Solutions

  • Window and Roof Leaks
  • Water Management
  • A/C Performance Evaluation
  • Air Leaks
  • Systems Testing
  • Building Envelope Analysis

Naples homeowners with storm damage should click here or call Innovative Construction Solutions for restoration services at (239) 384-5890.