Homeowners in Naples who are interested in luxury remodeling and design services for their homes should reach out to the team at Innovative Construction Solutions. Allow us to upgrade your home and bring it more in line with your greatest expectations.

Naples Luxury Remodeling and DesignHome design trends fluctuate, but the major ones that coincide with lifestyle changes remain and become standard expectations. Just as the experience of a worldwide pandemic has changed so many other elements of life, it has also influenced home design trends and needs. Go beyond standard to enjoy a luxurious home with the professionals here at Innovative Construction Solutions providing remodeling services.

Innovative Construction Solutions serves homeowners and the top builders of the area. We have over 25 years of experience as well as proven expertise in the building arena. In addition to construction, we provide inspection and remediation services to make owning a home a joy and never a hassle.

Add Luxury to Outdoor Living

While the beauty of Florida’s climate should always inspire a love of being outdoors, the pandemic, and the ensuing lockdowns, sparked new interest in enjoying outdoor experiences. Instead of a standard, usable backyard space, invest in a luxurious extension of your home outdoors.

Creating an indoor-outdoor transition, extending the size of the porch, designing “rooms” within the landscape, adding fire pits and water features, and even installing a comprehensive outdoor kitchen are all great ways to invest in the luxury of your home and your family’s lifestyle.

Make Your Home Workspace Fully Functional and Luxurious

The transition to working from home has inspired the creation of purpose-driven work spaces. These areas need to be private, functional, and pleasant to occupy. Without these elements, the work day won’t be maximized.

Allow the team at Innovative Construction Solutions to bring luxury and practicality to your new work-from-home, dedicated space.

Incorporate the Luxury of Flexibility into Your Home

Staying at home has become a way of life for many during the pandemic, which has created a need for rooms that meet more than one purpose. Whether your needs mean adding on for a classroom/playroom, guest room/gym, or some other combination, Innovative Construction Solutions can help design and implement the plan with as little stress, time, and money as possible.

A Luxury Home Should Be a Smart Home

Controlling lighting, appliances, cameras, toilets, showers, speakers, and every other facet of your home through voice or smartphone is a luxury that all modern homes will eventually have. Be ahead of the game with the help of the specialists here at Innovative Construction Solutions.

Bring Luxury into Your Home’s Bathroom

A spa within the bathroom space has been, and will continue to be, a popular way to enhance the luxury of a home. This bathroom might include luxurious bathroom features like waterfall, wall, and oversized showers, a Jacuzzi tub, two-person sinks, a separate vanity, or even a bidet. Alternative options for your bathroom include lighting as well as audio and video entertainment.

Luxury remodeling and design for your home in Naples can do more than improve your lifestyle. The efforts of Innovative Construction Solutions will also increase the value of the home itself. To learn more or to begin planning the changes that you’d like to see in the home you love, click here or call  (239) 384-5890.