After storms, floods, or discovered leaks in Fort Myers, FL, mold & water assessments performed by Innovative Construction Solutions will minimize the adverse outcomes. While we don’t remediate mold, we identify and repair the sources of water intrusion and any structural damage.

Mold Causes and Concerns

Mold & Water Damage Assessments Fort Myers, FLMoisture is an essential element of mold growth; mold won’t be present without it. From storm damage to a plumbing break or a frequently humid interior environment, the causes of mold involve the presence of moisture. We provide techniques that will diagnose any areas where moisture intrudes, and we can repair the sources of moisture. 

Our experience throughout the area is well-known, as we identify areas of water intrusion and mold. We use an informed methodology for inspection, using the height of industry standards and advanced technology. The earlier mold is caught, the easier it will be to treat and eliminate. 

Innovative Construction Solutions effectively communicates with clients to limit the intrusion of water and the growth of mold. Allow our team to help make decisions regarding water and mold events.  

Taking care of mold is far more involved than typical renovation and repair. Once it’s taken care of, we can supply the construction efforts needed to return the structure to like-new condition. Innovative Construction Solutions will be happy to suggest a few trusted companies in the area with the special gear and skills required to deal with mold. 

As you can likely deduce from the precautions needed to resolve it, mold can be dangerous. Unfortunately, it’s also stealthy. Mold reproduces through spores that travel via air, so the problem can spread to any area of your home with sufficient moisture. 

The impact of mold on health may be as benign as a sneeze and as severe as death, depending on the type of mold as well as the extent of its spread. Protect your family from chronic sinus infections and worse with regular checks for water and mold.

If you can limit moisture, you can limit mold. That’s where we come in.

Innovative Construction Solutions’ team has the skills, technology, and know-how we use to identify sources of moisture and seal them up properly. Our infrared thermal imaging camera finds the exact location of breaks in a home’s exterior envelope that might allow water intrusion, and it tells us how far the damage goes. This non-invasive method is as precise and accurate as it gets.

Steps to Keep Moisture and Mold at Bay

The humidity of the air, the frequency of storms, and condensation from cooling systems are just a few contributors to moisture and mold in the Fort Myers area. Homeowners can follow a few life rules to limit indoor humidity:

  • Use the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom when using water.
  • Monitor humidity levels when using a humidifier. 
  • Be diligent regarding the A/C system’s maintenance. 
  • Watch for any signs of water leaks or mold growth and respond quickly with a call to Innovative Construction Solutions. 

Regularly scheduled mold & water damage assessments in Fort Myers, FL, will help shield your home from health and structural damage resulting from a failure to intervene. Innovative Construction Solutions offers inspection, remediation, and construction services, except mold abatement, for property owners in the area. Book today by calling (239) 384-5890 or clicking here to complete our online contact form.