If you’re in Southwest Florida searching for moisture testing “near me,” stop your search and contact Innovative Construction Solutions. We can provide preventative and remediation measures against the damage that water can do to your property.

The earlier we respond to moisture problems, the better. We provide expert inspection services along with suggestions for solutions.

The Delayed Identification of Moisture Matters

Moisture intruding into a home can be a slow and subtle destroyer of a home. In fact, the problem often goes unidentified until after the damage is done, and the damage can be incredibly extensive, even catastrophic. 

The building envelope of a home should be airtight and prevent the permeation of water through to the vulnerable materials underneath. When water finds its way into the home at a slow rate, it will take a while before the problem goes noticed, and in this span of time, much damage can occur. 

Once damage begins, you may see water stains, cracks, warped floors, damaged flooring materials and wall finishes, and other obvious signs of moisture. By the time this damage occurs, you may be facing an expensive proposition of repair.

Without the advanced thermal imaging tools that we use, technicians have to rely on visual observation and may have to cause destruction in order to find the source. The technologically advanced methods that we use can find even the smallest of gaps in the building envelope, and they make it possible for us to evaluate the extent of the damage and prescribe the most appropriate solution. 

The FLIR thermal imaging cameras that we use are the most advanced in the industry. This method is the option that causes the least damage as we create a plan of action. In addition to points of water intrusion, this tech can also spot wiring issues, pest control problems, and insulation deficiencies.

Replacing windows, repairing roofs, securing waterproofing, and various other measures can resolve and prevent the loss of energy as well as the intrusion of moisture. Air leaks are problematic because they lead to condensation, which is another insidious source of water damage. 

Having regular inspections completed by our team at Innovative Construction Solutions can head off this sort of expensive damage. We can find the smallest of areas where water can intrude and provide repairs before a small problem grows into something far more serious. 

The consequences of not identifying water as soon as possible can result in all sorts of damage to the property, including mold and mildew growth, efflorescence, stains and blisters on the walls and ceilings, damaged paint, and even frame deterioration. These types of problems may begin as an aesthetic issue, but beneath the surface, the structural integrity of the home can hit bottom.

Not only can your building specialists at Innovative Construction Solutions identify moisture intrusion, but we can also resolve all of the consequences of this problem, except for mold abatement. That is one service we do not provide, but we can provide contacts for specialists in this area and can provide repairs after they finish the process of abatement.

Moisture testing near me is a vital part of home ownership, and Innovative Construction Solutions offers this service and more to the entire region of Southwest Florida. Contact us today to invest in the care, repair, or construction needs of your home: online by following this link or by phone at (239) 384-5890.