The luxury marble flooring in your home in Naples, FL, can be perfect in design and installation when choosing Innovative Construction Solutions. We bring expertise, ability, and all other components to provide quality, long-lasting results.

Introducing Innovative Construction Solutions

Luxury Marble Flooring Design & Installation Naples, FLA daughter company of the leading builder of Southwest Florida, BCB Homes, Innovative Construction Solutions leverages the expertise of building trade professionals from every field sector. We offer services to homeowners, commercial builders, and professionals who require our expertise in the building arena. Innovative Construction Solutions’ specialties span the field from marble floor installation to building envelope analysis and repair, expert testimony, forensic building inspections, and more.

Choosing Marble for Your Home’s Floor

For incredible aesthetic appeal, longevity, and wear resistance, marble is an excellent flooring choice. Marble comes from a natural process of sedimentation as limestone wears away. Initially, marble is very textured, but the surface level is smooth, elegant, waterproof, and highly durable when polished and sealed correctly.

Marble is both a practical and luxurious choice for flooring. The design of marble is diverse in its appearance and structure, hardness, shine, texture, and other qualities. Still, overall, the material is known to be highly resistant to degradation, wear, and damage.

Advantages of Choosing Marble Floors:

  • Sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic
  • Wear and damage resistance
  • Waterproof surface
  • Long-term durability
  • Design adaptability

When considering marble flooring, recognize that appropriate maintenance will be essential to achieving the long life of aesthetic perfection you’re seeking.

Scratching the marble surface will decrease the marble’s natural longevity and dull the floor’s shine.

Floor maintenance will require the application of products that prevent water absorption, and you’ll need to be very cautious with the cleaning products used to clean and maintain your beautiful marble floors.

These small efforts are worth it to accomplish and maintain the beauty of marble flooring.

Professional Marble Floor Installation

Marble flooring adds value and elegance to homes and businesses, but experienced professionals must handle the installation to protect the investment and prevent mistakes that lead to damage.

Professional installation matters for various reasons, but first, we point out that the specific features of marble require that the installer be familiar with and prepared to work with the product appropriately.

A marble tile installation will begin centered, spreading toward the exterior. The installation’s design needs to be such that the floor has the most uniform, pleasing result possible. In addition, gentle application is key because the marble will break, and the installation must be accurate the first time since moving the marble tiles later will be disastrous.

Trust Innovative Construction Solutions will deliver a gap-free, smooth flooring result that will grace your home for many years. When our work is done, the floor will be installed, sealed, and ready for use.

The design and installation of the marble flooring in your luxury Naples, FL, home shouldn’t be left to amateurs. Innovative Construction Solutions comes to each project with a dedication to doing the job well the first time. So whether you require remediation or construction to your home, reach out and speak with our office on the phone at (239) 384-5890 or online by clicking here.