Has your roof or window sprung a leak, leaving you in need of repair services in Bonita Springs, FL? Innovative Construction Solutions is up to the task of repairing or replacing leak sources to protect your home from the elements.

Leak Repair Services in Bonita Springs, FLThe team at Innovative Construction Solutions provides services to homeowners as well as builders, supplying qualified professionals to detect and fix leaks, whether they are in the roof, windows, or other element of the building envelope.

Innovative Construction Solutions is a team of general contractors, all licensed by Florida regulators. We offer top-quality knowledge and services for jobs of all sizes. Our expertise also extends to professionals in the building trades. When attorneys or insurance professionals need expert testimony or building forensics, we’re the best.

We bring our best to every project that we undertake, informed by 25 years of experience and the advantage of being a daughter company of Southwest Florida’s best builder, BCB Homes. If you need any type of remediation or construction work, contact our team of engineers, supervisors, and technicians for expectation surpassing results.

Finding Leaks in the Building Envelope

When a building has a leak, Innovative Construction Solutions can find it without causing destruction in the process. Leaks in the walls, under the slabs, in your roof or windows, or even in your pool need to be identified and repaired as quickly as possible to mitigate the ultimate damage done.

Finding leaks becomes simpler and far more accurate when you have the most advanced infrared technology like we do. Our FLIR thermal imaging camera is able to detect changes in the thermal energy levels along the building envelope. With this technology, we can find pinpoint leaks in their precise location, without causing damage, and evaluate the extent of the damage done.

With this knowledge, we can then provide suggestions for repair and perform that work ourselves. The approach will be more direct and limit the repair to the area affected by the leak since technicians will know exactly where that location is. Older methods require destruction in order to find the source; ours do not.

Roof Repair versus Replacement

Simply patching a roof is not a sufficient repair. A professional and appropriate repair is essential to genuine protection of your home. In some cases, a roof needs to be completely replaced. Our techs will be honest and straightforward about the best way to address your home’s condition. We’re experienced with roofs of all types, including concrete tile, clay tile, slate tile, flat, and metal roofs.

Book regular roof inspections with Innovative Construction Solutions to find small problems before they become larger. Homeowners should also call us following the storm season or after particularly high winds or an impact. The earlier you find issues with the building envelope, the better for your home.

Select Innovative Construction Solutions

When you’re looking for a provider of maintenance, inspection, repair, and construction services for your most substantial asset, you should choose the best.

Come to Innovative Construction Solutions and receive:

  • Professionalism
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  • Integrity and honesty
  • Final inspection
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to book leak repair services from Innovative Construction Solutions in Bonita Springs, FL. We provide the expertise, capacity, and knowledge needed to make homeownership a complete joy rather than a burden.