The leak detection specialists of Innovative Construction Solutions in Bonita Springs, FL, offer thorough and precise identification and treatment of building envelope problems. Allow our team to protect your home from breaks in protection from moisture and air that lead to structural damage.

Benefits of Routine Leak Inspections

Leak Detection Specialists in Bonita Springs, FLUnresolved leaks are disasters in the making. They have detrimental effects on the health and well-being of the residents while continuing to cause ever-worsening structural damage. Innovative Construction Solutions professionals have the skills and advanced tools needed to identify even the smallest leaks and precisely prescribe the best solution.

Find Leaks Before Damage Occurs to the Home

Routine leak detection can spot leaks before they damage the home and the health of its occupants. We use FLIR thermal imaging cameras, allowing our technicians to detect even the smallest breaks in the building envelope. Whether you have a hidden slab leak, a small hole in shingles, or another tiny defect, we can spot it and fix it without causing further damage—all before the defect leads to further structural damage.

Pursue Home Care Based on Expert Insights

The informed guidance that we can provide allows homeowners to make more accurate, straightforward decisions about how to proceed with home care and repair. Not only can we find the smallest of leaks, but we can also identify the extent of the damage done. We can then prescribe the most accurate, precise treatment measures that will thoroughly fix the problem and prevent damage required to repair and any ongoing damage from the issue.

Proactively Prevent Future Leaks

Leaks due to wear can be prevented with appropriate care and protection. Innovative Construction Solutions can provide routine inspections to address these issues before they start or when they’re still a trickle before they begin to gush. A completely burst pipe will result in a sudden flood that can destroy everything on the floor of your home, including the flooring materials themselves. Limit the potential for this damage by hiring Innovative Construction Solutions to check out your home regularly.

Reduce Utility Costs

If you see an unusual spike in your water, light, heating, or cooling costs, you can rest assured that the problem likely lies in a break in your building envelope or plumbing system. Our team will check out every element of your home to ensure it’s working in tip-top shape for maximum utility savings and the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Finding and fixing leaks in plumbing, windows, roofs, and any other aspect of your home system as early as possible is critical to protecting your structure and your wallet. Hiring professionals like those at Innovative Construction Solutions is integral to appropriate home care.

We offer professionals with extensive experience in the construction, maintenance, and repair of luxury residences and commercial buildings. Experience, advanced tools, and a great deal of commitment come with a booking with Innovative Construction Solutions. Our specialty is the protection, remediation, and repair of the building enclosures of homes and other structures in regions around the coastline.

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