For unsurpassed leak detection service in Naples, FL, turn to the experts with Innovative Construction Solutions. We have provided this service to homeowners and business owners throughout Southwest Florida for several years. Our professionals have advanced technological tools that can find the source of nearly any type of leak without having to use invasive detection techniques.

Roof and Window Leaks

Leak Detection Service Naples, FLWindows and roofs take a beating in Florida. When they don’t have to deal with powerful storms, they have to ensure intense sunlight for days at a time. As a result, they can develop leaks. But the weather isn’t the only culprit behind leaks. Poor design and construction practices can also increase the risk. Most of the time, a leak is too small for the human eye to detect. But even a small, unnoticeable leak can lead to major problems if not addressed.

At Innovative Construction Solutions, we have two major tools at our disposal to find even the tiniest source of a leak. One is the so-called “spray test,” used to find window leaks. As the name implies, this involves positioning a spray rack in the area where we feel a leak is occurring. As the spray is engaged, our professionals will be able to quickly pinpoint the exact source.

Another tool in our tool belt is the FLIR thermal imaging camera. This is the next advancement in leak detection, and does a far superior job of finding leaks than cameras that were developed just a few years ago. Not only does this camera spot the source of a leak, it can also show the extent of any moisture damage that may have occurred.

Whether you have a metal roof, a concrete tile roof, or any other type of roofing system, we’ll put our technology to use as soon as you contact us because you suspect a leak.

Air Leaks

An air leak might not seem to be that big of a problem on the surface, but it can actually lead to major issues. If your home or business is wasting air, that makes your air conditioning and heating system have to work much harder than it otherwise would if you had no leaks. This can cause your energy bill to skyrocket each month, and can also increase the wear and tear on your system. You’ll be at a higher risk of needing repairs, as well as shortening the lifespan of your AC and heater.

Air intrusions can also lead to moisture intrusions. In extreme cases, a moisture intrusion can compromise the structural integrity of a building.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you have any reason whatsoever to suspect you have an air leak, contact Innovative Construction Solutions. We will perform thermographic testing, smoke testing, blower door tests and other tests to spot exactly where the leak is happening. We’ll then help you find the most affordable, effective methods to fix the problem.

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