If you suspect you have a window leak, get in touch with the specialists at Innovative Construction Solutions for leak detection and repair services in Naples FL. We have a great deal of experience in pinpointing the source of a wide variety of leaks, as well as addressing those leaks in the most effective, efficient manner possible. Homeowners and homebuilders throughout the area turn to us on a regular basis, and we would love the opportunity to show you why.

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Leak Detection & Repair Naples, FLInnovative Construction Solutions has a team of experts that can take care of a vast array of issues that can affect the efficiency and structural integrity of a home. Our design, architecture, construction, engineering and project management professionals are passionate about ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients. We will quickly determine the cause of an issue you’re experiencing, and then take the steps necessary to fix the problem.

Window Leak Detection Services

We have a variety of tests we perform in order to find the source of a window leak. One involves positioning a spray rack in the area where a leak is occurring. The rack sprays a steady stream of water on the window while one of our team members looks closely for any signs of water intrusion.

In addition, we use sophisticated FLIR cameras that provide thermal images of a window. These cameras, the most advanced available in the industry, are a non-invasive method of finding the exact location where a leak is occurring. The cameras can also show how much damage has occurred due to moisture.

Once we determine the extent of whatever damage has occurred, we can then help you with any litigation or insurance claim support you may need.

Why Do Window Leaks Occur?

A window leak can take place for one of a number of reasons. Unfortunately, a very common cause is improper installation. Windows can be incredibly attractive, and can also do a great job of increasing the energy efficiency of a home. However, if the installation wasn’t performed exactly right, that can lead to major issues. These are just a few of the installation-related problems that sometimes occur.

  • Failure to install the windows perfectly level.
  • Failing to seal the windows correctly. Most installers will use expanding foam to provide a durable, reliable seal. But this requires accurate measuring of the foam. If an installer doesn’t use enough foam, that can cause air channels to form between the wall and the window in which it sits. That can allow moisture intrusion.
  • Caulking problems can also lead to window leaks. It may be broken, or it could be missing entirely. This is an often-overlooked cause of leaks, allowing water to accumulate and cause damage.
  • There is also a chance that the window has manufacturing defects of some sort. The problem could have occurred at the factory, or it might have happened during shipping.

There are some instances where a leak might appear to be coming from a window, but it could actually be coming from some other area. It could be that you have some sort of wall damage that is allowing water to accumulate near the window. We can take a close look to see what is happening, and how to fix it.

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