Protect your home in Estero, FL, and the surrounding areas from damage by arranging for thorough leak detection & repair from Innovative Construction Solutions. With knowledge, experience, and advanced technology, our technicians can identify the most minor breaks in the building envelope and prescribe workable solutions.

Leak Detection & Repair in Estero, FLWe at Innovative Construction Solutions have offered a complete catalog of remediation and construction services for the most elite communities of Southwest Florida. Schedule routine home inspections to identify minute issues before they can become extensive damage that requires expensive repair.

Leaks in your roof, windows, or plumbing can cause drastic damage when left unresolved. Unfortunately, leaks can be challenging to find—or even know they exist. Our team has the professional skills and equipment to provide clear answers and solutions, allowing you to protect your home from the consequences of unaddressed leaks fully.

In between inspections, it’s helpful to know what to watch for that might indicate a leak may exist.

For plumbing leaks, you may notice a spike in your water bill when you don’t have a constantly running toilet or haven’t filled a pool. You may also hear water running when you shouldn’t or notice puddles outside when it hasn’t rained during exterior water line breaks.

When windows or roofs leak, you may see unexplained water, water stains, damaged paint or flooring, and mold or mildew, depending on the extent of the leak.

Innovative Construction Solutions finds leaks using advanced technology combined with expertly applied inspection strategies and processes. Our thermal imaging cameras identify the smallest leaks without any damage required to diagnose the precise nature of the damage.

The team at Innovative Construction Solutions provides services to homeowners and construction contractors. We also offer professional expertise and services to legal and insurance professionals who work in the building arena.

Some leaks are DIY-able, but why would you when you have Innovative Construction Solutions’ affordable and reliable services available? Additionally, you may miss hidden leaks that will eventually cause drastic damage, or you may cause worse damage that also requires repair.

Our infrared technology is the most advanced tool for finding leaks. It lets us examine the building envelope—floor, walls, windows, doors, and roof—to find differences in thermal readings. These readings allow us to identify gaps in coverage that indicate leaks.

This leak detection method lets you find leaks with the least destruction possible. We’ll also see other issues during the inspection, including insulation, wiring, pests, and other problems. Using this technology allows us to save you money. We can avoid needlessly damaging the roof and wall, looking for defects, and causing avoidable repairs.

Whether the leak is water or air, both problems can be serious and often intertwined. Consider the heat in Southwest Florida. It is ideal to allow your HVAC system to keep the air chilled as efficiently as possible, keeping your utility costs low and your equipment functional longer.

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