When you need leak detection services on a new construction project or existing home in Bonita Springs, FL, consider hiring Innovative Construction Solutions and our team of experts.

Leak Detection Bonita Springs, FLWith decades of experience in Southwest Florida, the Innovative Construction Solutions team has extensive backgrounds in luxury home and commercial construction and brings a unique set of skills to the process of testing and evaluating building envelope conditions using both invasive and non-invasive techniques.

Detecting Roof Leaks

Innovative Construction Solutions conducts leak detection using FLIR thermal imaging cameras, the highest quality infrared equipment in the industry, to find hidden leaks in flat and barrel concrete tile roofs and metal roofs.

Our thorough roof inspections look for damage or irregularities that may be responsible for roof leaks, such as:

  • Cracked or missing tiles or shingles
  • Curling at the edges or corners of the roof
  • Damaged caulking and roofing cement
  • Gutter or downspout concerns
  • Deteriorated and loose flashing
  • Standing water on the roof
  • Obstructions in attic vents
  • Mold on exterior walls
  • Cracked interior paint, discolored plasterboard or peeling wallpaper
  • Water stains or signs of moisture

Detecting Window Leaks

Innovative Construction Solutions provides infrared imaging for window leak detection using FLIR thermal imaging cameras, the highest quality infrared equipment in the industry. This minimally invasive test can quickly and non-destructively identify the source and location of a leak as well as the extent of moisture damaged areas.

Our specialists can also test your exterior windows for water leakage. A spray rack is typically positioned in the general area of the suspected water infiltration. A constant stream of water is sprayed against the window in accordance with accepted protocols while our inspectors carefully observe and document any water intrusion that occurs.

Our thorough window inspectors look for damage or irregularities that may be responsible for window leaks, including:

  • Windows that are not plumb or level
  • Broken or missing caulking
  • Bad window sealant
  • Worn out glass seals
  • Manufacturing defects

Detecting Air Leaks

Air leaks through walls, roofs, and floors are often responsible for significant energy loss and home deterioration.

Heating and cooling accounts for about 54% of your energy usage, and air leaks waste more than half of that. They can also cause problems with indoor air quality that affects the health of your family.

Uncontrolled leaks also carry moisture into framing cavities, causing mold and rot, water damage, or pest infestations, and can have a damaging effect on your home’s structural integrity.

Innovative Construction Solutions uses specialized equipment to detect air leaks emanating from locations such as rim joists, cracks between finish flooring and baseboards, electrical outlets and light switches, utility chases, plumbing traps under showers and tubs, plumbing vent-pipe penetrations, kitchen soffits, recessed can lighting, fireplace surrounds, and cracks between partition top plates and drywall.

By sealing any air leaks, we can help reduce the amount of conditioned air that is escaping from your home, improve the quality of the indoor air, and prevent moisture from wreaking havoc on the structure.

Professional leak detection is the best way to avoid damage to your Bonita Springs, FL home or business. Innovative Construction Solutions can help you identify the source(s) and extent of any leaks and make the necessary repairs. Call us today at (239) 384-5890 to explore our services.