Do you have boring doors inside your Naples, FL home? It may be time to consider interior door replacement by Innovative Construction Solutions. There are countless styles, colors and materials to choose from and some recent trends that may inspire you and enhance your home.

Interior Door Replacement Naples, FLThe Innovative Construction Solutions team is made up of engineers, technically trained field supervisors, and experienced installation technicians who are the best in the industry. We can walk you through the pros and cons of different types of replacement doors to enable you to make the best choices for your project.

Interior Door Trends

Doors are highly visible and define your sense of style. Replacing your interior doors with the many options available today will restore your pride in your home and transform it into a beautiful place to live and entertain.:

Arched-Top Doors:  There may be no door styles more unique than arched doors. Once reserved for homes built in the Mediterranean, European, and American Southwestern styles, they are now transcending architecture and showing up in unexpected places as both interior and entry doors.

Barn Doors: These trendy, wide doors that slide flat against the wall are in demand for everything from cozy bedrooms to home offices to dining rooms. They are popular anywhere space is at a premium, since a traditional swinging door needs at least nine feet of space to work properly. Many styles are available, from rustic to contemporary.

Pocket Doors:  Pocket doors are doors that disappear into a special pocket inside the wall when they are opened. These “old-school” doors have come back into style because of the elegant, streamlined look they provide. They are ideal for small spaces like bathrooms and closets.

Pivot Doors: If you’re looking for something sleek and modern, pivot doors can be a great choice. They are anchored on a pivot at the bottom of the door and swing open easily within the frame. Pivot doors are popular in high-end homes because they can be much wider and taller than a traditional side-hinged door.

French Doors: Picturesque French doors can add a dramatic touch to any entryway and can be used to connect different living spaces by allowing light to pass through. They are commonly used in areas of your home you want to put on display, such as music rooms, living rooms, and master bedrooms.

Door Installation Methods

There are two primary methods of installing replacement doors: full-frame installation and pocket installation. Both options can be effective, but the decision will depend on your home and situation.

Full-frame installation: This means that the existing door, including its frame and trim, is removed to make way for the new door (with its frame and trim). This method provides greater design flexibility. It enables you to change the size or shape of the opening to accommodate an entirely different door style, but is more time-consuming and will require work both inside and outside your home.

Pocket installation: In this type of installation, the new door can fit inside your existing door frame. Installation is faster because you can keep the original frame and trim, but your door options will be limited to those that can fit the size of the existing opening.

The professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions in Naples, FL, can make interior door replacement an easy process. Call us today at (239) 384-5890 to explore our services.