At Innovative Construction Solutions, we perform fast, efficient interior door replacement in Bonita Springs, FL. We will provide you with a more pleasant experience than you may have thought possible, and work quickly so that you can resume your everyday routine. No matter why you want a new door – the old one isn’t working correctly, you’re ready for a change, or any other reason – you should always turn to us first.

Reasons to Choose Innovative Construction Solutions

Interior Door Replacement Bonita Springs, FLWe have a team of state-licensed general contractors who are experts in interior door replacement. No one can match our technical knowledge, nor our deep understanding of all makes and models of doors. We’ve helped not only homeowners, but also custom home builders, contractors and remodeling professionals. When you turn to us, we will make sure your doors meet your specific demands – we’ll also meet your timelines when it comes to completing the job.

Reasons Door Frames No Longer Work

The door frame is the workhorse of a door, containing hinges that support all of the doors in side your home. Not only that, it also helps keep your home secure from potential intruders. But just like any other part of a home, a door frame can wear out over time. Rot, decay and other problems can result in the hinges becoming loose. This will make it very easy for someone to kick down your door and steal your belongings.

The main reason why a door frame fails is moisture due to a water leak. For example, if you have a leak in your roof, water will typically get into the inside of the frame. This, of course, will eventually cause the frame to rot. If this is the case, you’ll have to get the leak fixed as well as replace the door. If you don’t address the leak, the same problem will occur.

A rotted door frame is not only a structural issue, however. It’s also an aesthetic issue. It simply looks bad. This can be a huge concern if you’re trying to sell your home, obviously, but it could also make you hesitant to invite friends and family. If you have any reason to believe your door frame needs to be replaced, please contact Innovative Construction Solutions as soon as you can. We’ll determine why the frame is failing, and then show you how to keep this from happening again in the future.

The Possibilities are Endless

You can choose from a wide range of door styles and designs. Since you’ll be replacing your frame, your options will be virtually unlimited. One of our skilled professionals will help you determine the best door for your specific needs.

But you’ll also have choices when it comes to the new frame. Regardless of the size of your new door, a wood frame will work. Wood door frames look great, and they’re also extremely strong. Again, though, if a leak caused the last one to fail, it needs to be fixed. Otherwise, the new frame will eventually fail as well.

You could also consider a metal frame, or a frame made of composite materials. They are also strong, and won’t be as susceptible to wear and tear.

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