If you’re tired of the doors in your home, or they’re not working like they should, you should get in touch with Innovative Construction Solutions for interior door installation in Port Royal, FL. We can show you a wide range of styles – as well as materials and colors – to choose from, so you can rest assured your new doors will do a perfect job of complementing your décor. Our professionals also have years of experience in door installation, so we’ll take care of your job right the first time.

A Quick Look at Innovative Construction Solutions

Interior Door Installation in Port Royal, FLOur team of installation technicians and supervisors is unmatched in the entire industry. We will take the time to show you the many different types of replacement doors available, giving you the pros and cons of each so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Examples of Interior Door Designs

The doors in your home are among the most visible expressions of your style. Replacing the ones you have will not only make your home more functional, it will make it more beautiful as well. These are just a few of the many designs to consider.

  • Arch-top – The arch-top door is one of the most unique available. This design, at one time, was typically only found in the Southwestern U.S., as well as some sections of Europe, specifically near the Mediterranean Sea. But now you’ll find them everywhere. This style is excellent for both entryway and interior doors.
  • Barn-style doors – This kind of door slides flat against the wall, and is perfect for a wide variety of environments. Whether you want to use it in your bedroom, your dining room, your home office or just about any other area in your home, it will be a great option. Barn doors come in many different styles, and are perfect for areas where space is minimal. The typical swinging door, on the other hand, will usually need nine feet of clearance at least.
  • Pocket doors – As the name implies, a pocket door is also good for areas with limited space, such as a closet or a bathroom. This kind of door disappears into a “pocket” that is installed inside of your wall.
  • Pivot doors – This is a very sleek, very contemporary look. A pivot door sits on a pivot located at the bottom and swings open very easily. Since it’s taller and wider than the typical door with a side hinge, it’s a very popular choice among owners of luxury homes.
  • French doors – A French door can make a dramatic style statement. It can also bring a great deal more light into your indoor spaces. Living rooms, master bedrooms and music rooms are some of the more popular locations.

Installing the Door

When we come to your home for interior door installation, we will probably either use the full-frame or pocket method. The full-frame method involves taking out not only the old door, but also the trim and frame. This method takes longer, but also gives you more flexibility should you want to choose a completely new style of door. A pocket installation is faster, but your new door will have to fit inside the existing frame.

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