If you have any reason to believe you have a roof leak, talk to the experts in infrared roof inspections in Fort Myers, FL, Innovative Construction Solutions. We will use sophisticated technology to find where a leak is occurring on the roof of your home or your business structure. We won’t need to drill holes or perform any other kinds of invasive procedures in order to spot the location of a leak. Then, we’ll show you what needs to be done to repair the leak and return your roof to normal.

Infrared Roof Inspections in Fort Myers, FLOur professionals are well equipped to meet the challenges posed by roofing problems. We’ve been fixing roofs throughout Southwest Florida for decades, and we only use the highest quality materials. Our team members don’t believe in half-measures. When we perform a repair, you can rest assured it will provide a long-term solution to whatever kind of problem your roof might be experiencing.

Our Leak Detection Inspection Services

There are, of course, a lot of different reasons that a roof leak can occur. It could be a haphazard installation job, poor design, or even manufacturing defects. Your roof may have been hit by a powerful storm recently, and suffered damage that led to a leak as a result.

Whatever the reason, if you have a leak, we’ll use thermal imaging cameras that are the highest quality available. These cameras can find leaks that are invisible to the naked eye, no matter what kind of material was used to make the roof. We can detect leaks in concrete tile roofs, metal roofs, traditional asphalt roofs and others.

Our inspections involve much more than using cameras, however. These are just a few of the types of damage Innovative Construction Solutions inspections reveal.

  • Mold and mildew accumulation
  • Loose or deteriorated flashing
  • Cracked paint, peeling wallpaper and discolored plasterboard
  • Standing water
  • Damaged roofing cement and/or caulking
  • Curled, cracked or missing shingles or tiles
  • Attic vent obstructions
  • Downspout or gutter issues
  • And many others

Scheduling an inspection can provide you with many different benefits, including the following.

  • Detection of small problems before they become major issues
  • Highly accurate, fast results
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Nearly instant results
  • Non-destructive and non-invasive

Other Roofing Services

If our inspection shows that you have a problem, we have the tools and experience needed to fix it. You may, for instance, need a repair. The Florida sun, as well as Florida storms, can do a real number of roofs. Age can also pose problems.

In order to truly address and problem and provide you with the protection you need for years to come, you will very likely need more than just a cursory patch job. We will provide you with a thorough repair that will get your roof back to normal.

However, in some instances the damage we uncover is so extensive that a replacement will be needed. If that’s the case, we provide unmatched roof replacement services. Whether you have a flat, wood shake, metal, slate, concrete or clay tile, or any other type of roof, we’ll provide you with a replacement that will last for decades to come.

Innovative Construction Solutions professionals are ready to show you why we provide the highest quality infrared roof inspections in Fort Myers, FL. Schedule an appointment by calling (239) 384-5890 or contacting us online.