Infrared roof inspections in Bonita Springs, FL can be incredibly important. Innovative Construction Solutions can perform an inspection that will show you if you have a roof leak. If that proves to be the case, we can then give you recommendations on what to do about the situation. The faster you find the source of a leak, the less of a chance that leak will do serious damage to your home or office building.

Why Choose Us for Infrared Roof Inspections?

Infrared Roof Inspections in Bonita Springs, FLInnovative Construction Solutions has provided high-quality services for decades. We have sophisticated technology that can get to the root cause of a roof leak, and do so in an incredibly effective and efficient fashion. Our team of building envelope experts will put their extensive amount of knowledge to work for you, helping you find a long-term solution for whatever kind of issue is occurring.

Infrared Roof Inspections – The Basics

Advances in technology have made roof inspections less invasive than was ever before possible. We use thermal imaging, or infrared thermography, the most sophisticated equipment of its kind. This tool measures the amount of thermal energy, or infrared radiation, that comes from an object, such as a roof. As the temperature of that radiation increases, so does the amount of energy it emits.

Whenever a leak is occurring in the membrane of a roof, that allows water to saturate the layers underneath. As the sun heats up the membrane, as well as the underlying insulation, the wet areas continue to retain that heat well after the sun goes down. Thermal imaging cameras are the only types of equipment that can detect the temperature difference between wet and dry areas. Once areas where those differences are occurring are detected, that’s how we determine where a leak is taking place.

This is a far superior solution to the conventional, “grid-type” approach that has been used for decades. This invasive method of leak detection includes drilling holes in the membrane of a roof. Thermal imaging infrared inspections, on the other hand, are non-invasive. Not only that, they’re also very fast, and very affordable.

The equipment we use produces high-resolution images of a roof. But that’s not the only way we determine where a problem is happening. Your inspector will walk across the entire roof, making sure every inch is given a detailed look. Then, all of the inspector’s findings will be thoroughly documented and provided to you in minutes.

These are just some of the advantages of having an infrared roof inspection performed.

  • Fast, accurate leak and energy loss detection
  • Much more accurate results than conventional methods of inspections
  • Non-destructive and non-invasive
  • Nearly instantaneous results
  • Inspections reveal issues before they have the chance to turn serious
  • Affordability

We also provide infrared inspections for other reasons than leaks. They can, for instance, show you whether or not your air conditioning system is having to work too hard, and can also show you potential areas of weakness within your electrical system.

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