As part of your home-owning responsibilities, call on Innovative Construction Solutions for infrared leak detection in Sanibel, FL. Choosing our services will be critical to the life of your home because an unaddressed leak will cause significant, and even irreparable, damage. If our technicians perform regular inspections, they will diagnose leaks before the water intrusion has time to cause this level of destruction.

The Technically Advanced Method of Leak Detection

Infrared Leak Detection Sanibel, FLInnovative Construction Solutions can spot and rectify the situation, whether there is a leak in your home’s roof, plumbing, or waterproofing system. We work seamlessly and efficiently with an entire team of building science professionals for every project.

Our primary weapon against leaks is the technically advanced FLIR thermal imaging camera. We use this equipment to identify the precise area where a leak exists, and we can also tell the extent of the damage. This advancement in construction allows us to find leaks without causing any damage to the home.

This technology can generally find leaks with pinpoint accuracy, but our technicians also use master techniques proven to work for ages.

The Most Important Game of Hide and Seek

Finding leaks around your home is more important than you might imagine. Leaks cause more than higher utility bills and less water pressure. Water and the structural materials of your home will not work well together. The water will cause wood to rot, most insulation to fail, and metal to corrode.

Without quick diagnosis and repair, this water could destroy elements of the home, even its very structure. The frame and foundation can be destroyed by leakage allowed to continue for an extended period.

The mold that can grow due to unchecked moisture can make your home uninhabitable. While we do not do mold remediation ourselves, we will diagnose the issue, resolve the leak, and provide references for quality mold removers.

This preventable problem of severe water damage from leaks does not have to damage the beauty of your home. Schedule regular checks of your home’s building envelope to make sure that it does not.

Water is not the only type of leak that can occur. Thermal leakage and air leakage are also problematic, but we at Innovative Construction Solutions can identify these areas and provide solutions.

Catalog of Innovative Construction Solutions

Remediation Services

  • Window and Roof Leaks – identified with infrared thermal imaging cameras and traditional techniques
  • Water Management – drainage issues identified and remedied
  • A/C Performance Evaluation – tests of system performance, air leaks, infrared thermal imaging diagnostics, insulation, and ductwork
  • Air Leaks – identified through blower door tests, smoke testing, and infrared testing
  • Systems Testing – A/C, generator, electrical system, and roofing and tile
  • Building Envelope Analysis – water and air infiltration testing, blower-door depressurization, infrared thermography, moisture mapping, temperature and humidity readings, roof surveys, evaluation of mechanical systems, and construction defect investigation

Construction Services

  • Roofing – new and re-roofing
  • Weatherproofing – seal up the entire home against weather
  • Window and Door Installation – expertly applied and evaluated

Innovative Construction Solutions offers infrared leak detection for luxury homes and commercial properties in Sanibel, FL. With our services, you can enjoy peace of mind and keep your property in excellent condition. Call (239) 384-5890 to choose and schedule your services.