Water leaks are sneakily destructive. The damage done by undetected water intrusion is insidious and can be costly. Innovative Construction Solutions offers infrared leak detection for homes in Bonita Springs, FL, to find these hidden leaks before they can fulfill their purpose of destruction.

Infrared Leak Detection Bonita Springs, FLThe team of professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions includes specialists across the building trades. Architects, landscapers, engineers, general contractors, and experienced managers are here to serve our clients. Our service is meant to diagnose minor home issues and suggest remediation before they can become major residential problems.

We also provide waterproofing, window and door installation, and roofing services.

The licensed general contractors we send to your home will incorporate high-quality, technically advanced equipment and superior knowledge as they approach your home’s checkup.

We have over 25 years of construction expertise and endeavor to provide clients with professional, comprehensive, and fast service that blends today’s technology, the craftsmanship of yesterday, and the industry’s highest standards. We are a division of the well-known luxury home builder in Naples, BCB Homes.

The Technology of Leak Detection

Your entire home envelope needs to be checked for leaks. We can perform these inspections without causing damage to the home by using our infrared leak detection technology. We will look on surfaces and around water fixtures before looking for leaks in wall cavities and even underground.

This tech has completely changed how leaks are found. The FLIR thermal imaging cameras can identify and pinpoint the location of otherwise hidden leaks, making repair more accurate, faster, and even cheaper.

In addition to infrared, we use tried-and-true methods, such as directing a spray rack toward windows to visually examine potential water infiltration caused by incorrect installation or failed sealant. This area is one where leaks often go unnoticed until damage occurs.

The FLIR tech locates leaks, but it also tells us how much damage has been done without causing any destruction. Hunting for leaks can also make us aware of other problems, including insulation issues, pest infestations, and electrical issues. The technology depends on a change in the heat signature, so it can be utilized for more than detecting water and air leaks.

The high-tech solutions for finding water leaks do not stop with infrared technology. We also leverage sound. With professional-level equipment, our technicians will check for water’s presence underground and whether it seems to be flowing when and where it should not be.

We also provide repairs. We will be happy to upgrade your windows, doors, roof, and other home components as you see fit.

Infrared leak detection for your Bonita Springs, FL, home is the best way to find potential issues. Spotting tiny leaks and repairing them quickly will prevent further damage. Innovative Construction Solutions looks forward to your call. We encourage you not to put it off one day longer. Call (239) 384-5890 or contact us online.