Innovative Construction Solutions provides hurricane damage inspection and repair in Bonita Bay, Naples, FL. Homeowners, contractors, and insurance companies find our services incredibly helpful in the journey back to normalcy. 

Hurricane Damage Inspection & Repair in Bonita Bay, Naples, FLBuilding science experts from Innovative Construction Solutions have the experience and skills to thoroughly evaluate homes that have been through storms to find even the slightest defects in the exterior envelope and hidden damage to ensure that the home is repaired and returned pre-storm fashion.

Innovative Construction Solutions provides licensed experts with the most advanced technology and tools for restoring your home.

Identification and Repair of Water Damage

When disastrous weather rolls through communities, the damage to roofs and the flooding caused by heavy rains or storm surges can affect a structure’s drywall, framing, and other key features. Mold can also quickly develop and spread without intervention. This mold may create hazardous conditions for the health of the human and animal residents of the home.

Whenever possible, immediate steps to stop the intrusion of additional water and the removal of standing water are essential. Water removal is also vital for preventing structural damage that can weaken the home’s frame. Structural elements that absorb water must be removed quickly so the building can dry out and avoid mold growth.

The process to return a structure to its condition before the storm occurred will begin with an insurance claim. You must file a claim and work with the company to achieve an appropriate settlement. While you wait, allow Innovative Construction Solutions to begin protecting the structure from further damage. 

Interestingly, we also operate on behalf of insurance companies, providing forensic analysis to identify damage and its cause and extent.

Building Envelope Analysis

Following a significant storm, the home’s building envelope needs to be thoroughly evaluated. Innovative Construction Solutions employs thermal infrared technology to find even minor differences in energy to identify issues with the roof, windows, doors, walls, and other envelope features.

This information gives homeowners a starting point for making decisions regarding the needed repairs.

The roof is typically the most vulnerable area to storms. Shingle damage, flashing issues, fallen trees, and other wind-driven missiles may penetrate the roof and allow water to enter the home.

Not only will a hurricane feature heavy winds, but the event will also include heavy rains and the potential for severe storm surge flooding. With the appropriate removal of water-damaged materials, you’ll protect the home’s soundness. 

If your home does develop mold, we can do a few things to help. We can diagnose the issue, determine the extent of the spread, and make prevention suggestions. Innovative Construction Solutions doesn’t provide remediation services, but we can refer you to a specialist that does provide mold abatement.

With 25+ years of experience and the support of our parent company BCB Homes, Innovative Construction Solutions has the know-how and skill needed to help you return to pre-storm conditions.

For hurricane damage inspection and repair in Bonita Bay, Naples, FL, call on Innovative Construction Solutions. We’re here to assist homeowners, commercial property owners, contractors, and insurance companies during storm recovery. Contact us today by calling (239) 384-5890 or online by clicking here.