Quick, thorough, and precise inspection, repair, and construction following a hurricane in Port Royal, FL, comes from Innovative Construction Solutions, LLC. We help pave the way for faster recovery by providing expert inspections for insurance carriers and homeowners and construction services to contractors or directly to homeowners.

Post-Hurricane Conditions

Hurricane Construction Damage Inspection & Repair Port Royal, FLHurricane winds and rain cause serious damage, some evident devastation and some less obvious. Whether your home is destroyed or you were fortunate compared to your neighbors, allow Innovative to perform a thorough inspection to identify the full extent of any damage.

Innovative operates in the construction world with expertise and skill. In post-hurricane situations, we’re happy to assist architects, engineers, contractors, homeowners, and insurance companies.

Whether we’re providing an insurance carrier with evaluation services or a homeowner with inspection and repair, time is of the essence following a hurricane. We provide fast and accurate results that can be relied upon by all our clients.

An inspection service from Innovative Construction Solutions, LLC, will identify any damage, even minor problems with the exterior home envelope. We will compile a list of needed repairs, estimate the expense, and provide those repairs if you choose.

With a single source for the inspection and repair plans, the result will be thorough and can be relied upon when implementing repairs and construction.

Infrared Thermography Inspection Services

The technological equipment and skill we deliver are critical to thorough post-hurricane inspections. These techniques allow us to find even the tiniest breaks in the building envelope and the extent of the damage caused. Non-invasive, this method will not create damage where there is none and will make the repair more precise and complete.

When we come to your property for an inspection, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Innovative Construction Solutions, LLC, has 25 years of experience and the backing of our parent company BCB Homes. We offer a wide range of services: inspecting the interior and exterior of buildings, evaluating roofing, and testing systems.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras are the best in the industry and allow us to provide inspections that other companies can’t. Advantages to our processes include:

  • Identifying areas of energy loss
  • Checking for system operations and efficiency
  • Detecting insulation failure
  • Not invasive or destructive
  • Quick and precise
  • Affordable

Construction Following a Hurricane

After a hurricane, construction needs can range from minor roof repair to entire roof replacement or even clean up and replacement of the home. During these times, you need a competent ally, and we’re it. Innovative Construction Solutions is an established inspector, builder, and expert in the field. From weatherproofing to roofing and window/door installation and beyond, we’re prepared to provide the repairs that our inspections indicate appropriate, except for mold and mildew abatement. We can identify the program and point you in the direction of a provider, but we do not offer mold and mildew remediation services.

Innovative Construction Solutions, LLC, awaits the opportunity to help our neighbors recover following hurricane damage by providing inspection, repair, and construction services in Port Royal, FL. We assist homeowners, insurance companies, and contractors in speeding up a return to home. Schedule with us today by calling (239) 384-5890 or clicking here.