Schedule an inspection after a hurricane in your area to identify damage that needs repair or construction in the Fort Myers, FL, area. Innovative Construction Solutions provides expertise to homeowners, insurance companies, and contractors as damage and its causes are identified and rectified.

Hurricane Construction Damage Inspection & Repair Fort Myers, FLOur service can help determine whether issues with a property are due to pre-existing damage, improper installation, poor maintenance, or the winds and rains of a hurricane or other storm.

The Vulnerability of a Structural Envelope to Hurricanes

Along with a hurricane comes heavy rains, winds, and flooding that can devastate structures. As recovery begins, many parties will need to assess the buildings’ structural integrity and status. Innovative Construction Solutions offers inspections that will identify breaks in the structural envelope, the causes of those breaks, and the extent of the damage. The entire outside-facing envelope needs to be evaluated from the roof to the exterior walls, insulation, windows, doors, and more. This area is one of the most vulnerable to damage since it’s directly exposed to the weather event.

Roofing Considerations Post-Hurricane

The roof is one of the foremost victims of hurricane damage. Whether caused by uplifting winds or an impact by wind-driven debris, roof damage from hurricanes allows water to enter the structure. Identifying the presence and cause of this damage is vital to warranty and insurance coverage after a storm.

Even if a roof appears untouched following a hurricane, it must be thoroughly inspected. Slight damage could be allowing water intrusion, or water could have become trapped within the roofing structure during the storm. Taking care of these issues as quickly as possible will protect the rest of the structure from consequential damage.

Hurricane Damage to Exterior Walls, Windows, and Doors

Water intrusion through the rest of a structure’s exterior is also fairly common after a hurricane. Unfortunately, this damage may not even be visible after the storm and can be hard to find without the advanced thermal imaging technology we use at Innovative Construction Solutions.

The FLIR thermal imaging cameras we use can quickly locate the breaks in the envelope without causing damage to the building. This method can identify more than the location of the damage. Still, it can also determine the issue’s cause and extent while prescribing the most effective solutions.

The wind, rain, and flooding accompanying hurricanes damage all sorts of property, and it can be overwhelming as you consider the best starting point for recovery. Innovative Construction Solutions will conduct a thorough assessment and provide a corresponding report to allow you to make informed repairs.

Innovative Construction Remediation Services

  • Window and Roof Leaks – Allow us to non-invasively detect all window and roof leaks and provide repairs or complete re-roofing services.
  • Water Management – Prompt moisture management is essential for preventing long-term damage to the structure.
  • A/C Performance Evaluation – A thorough home inspection is essential to safety, insurance claims, and repairs.
  • Air Leaks – Inspections identify any shifting or damage that could impact the tightness of the weatherproofing and structure.
  • Systems Testing – Following a storm, ensure that all home systems are in prime working order.
  • Building Envelope Analysis – This critical evaluation will examine the entire exterior structure for damage or weakness.

Begin hurricane recovery in Fort Myers, FL, with a call to Innovative Construction Solutions for damage inspection, repair, and construction for your property. Call us at (239) 384-5890 or click here to arrange for service.