The challenge of overcoming hurricane damage may seem daunting, but Innovative Construction Solutions provides effective inspection, repair, and construction throughout the Bonita Springs, FL, area.

After the Storm

Hurricane Construction Damage Inspection & Repair Bonita Springs, FLHurricane damage from rain and heavy wind costs billions of dollars and months to repair. Choose Innovative Construction Solutions for inspection and repair services that offer affordable and timely recovery. Face the devastation with confidence, overcoming the challenges of property damage.

After a storm, significant damage is the primary focus, and lesser property damage goes unnoticed all too often, leading to extensive damage that didn’t have to occur.

Arrange a thorough inspection as soon as possible after a hurricane to identify minor issues with the roof, windows, doors, foundation, or other building systems.

Innovative Construction Solutions technicians and builders are available to perform repairs and construction. Following a hurricane, we serve insurance carriers, homeowners, contractors, and other parties who require forensic evaluations, inspections, or repair services.

The team here is full of professionals with diverse areas of expertise. We bring builders, designers, engineers, architects, technicians, and other professionals in the building arena. By leveraging over 25 years of experience, advanced technology, and the knowledge of master craftsmen, we’re able to diagnose the issue, prescribe repairs, and implement them.

We can find any storm damage, obvious or hidden, and deal with it appropriately. The only exception is mold and mildew, which we can identify but don’t treat. Call on Innovative Construction Solutions for any of the following:

  • Interior and exterior building inspections
  • Roofing inspections
  • Systems testing

Whole-Home Inspection

A building’s exterior is most vulnerable to the primary features of hurricanes, starting with the roof. Homes that seem untouched after a storm may have damage that could lead to serious structural damage.

If a home has portions of the roof or wall blown away from the structure or has other apparent damage, inspections of the area’s safety should precede any efforts of clean up and repair.

Damage assessments include visual inspections from all perspectives, including the ground, inside the home, and atop the roof. We at Innovative Construction Solutions urge residents to hire professionals for these efforts. Our technology allows us to find the smallest gaps in the home’s exterior protection.

Innovative Construction Solutions utilizes a FLIR thermal imaging camera to detect changes in energy that indicate problems with windows, doors, finishings, shingles, insulation, and other layers of the exterior boundary.

The entire building structure, from the foundation to the roof and everything in between, can be checked out for damage quickly and accurately by our technicians. This process is done without causing further damage by drilling holes or removing materials.

Our technology even indicates the extent of the damage for a more precise repair and accurate cost estimate. Windows, doors, light fixtures, circuit breakers, interior finishings, flooring, and other interior features can give clues as to further damage.

Proceed in an Informed Manner

Information can reduce anxiety. As the recovery process begins after a hurricane, Innovative Construction Solutions can provide in-depth information regarding the status of your property and the repairs that will be needed.

Beyond this information, we can also provide repairs and construction services. From homeowners and business owners to contractors, insurance providers, and attorneys, our clients benefit from our expertise, skills, and experience.

Hurricane damage can seem overwhelming, but Innovative Construction Solutions offers Bonita Springs, FL, property owners damage inspection, repair, and construction services. Allow us to provide a comprehensive inspection. Schedule service by calling (239) 384-5890 or clicking here.