Learning how to avoid and correct home moisture problems is a lot easier than you may think – and it’s extremely important in a state as humid as Florida. As fantastic as our weather is most of the time, humidity is an unavoidable fact of life. Over time, it can lead to some serious issues if you don’t pay close attention. Here are some of the reasons why these problems occur, and how Innovative Construction Solutions can help them from affecting your home.

Why Humidity Issues Occur

How to Avoid and Correct Home Moisture ProblemsIn Florida, humidity is nearly always present, regardless of what time of the year it may be. You know you afternoon thunderstorms come in just about every day during the spring and summer, but humidity can also cause problems in the fall and winter. When the weather does turn cold, your home’s heater can trigger moisture issues. The reason is that heated air is much more moist than cooler air. When that warm air hits a colder surface, that causes moisture to sort of “wring out,” like when you twist a wet cloth to get rid of excess water.

This accumulated moisture can spread throughout your home, leading to the development of mold and mildew. It might even seep into the frame, threatening the structural integrity of your house in the process. Here are just a few signs that you may have humidity issues.

  • You notice a musty odor in areas of your home such as cupboards, under carpeting or in your crawl space or attic. This, of course, is a sign that you may have mold or mildew.
  • You notice ice or frost on windows and other cold surfaces on frigid days.
  • Your home just seems more damp than usual.
  • The wood surrounding your front door appears to be swelling.
  • You see any other signs of wood decay, such as weakness or softness.

Avoiding Major Problems

One of the most important things to do if you notice excessive moisture in your home is to check for a leak. Innovative Construction Solutions offers unparalleled leak detection services that quickly and efficiently pinpoint the source of leaks. Our sophisticated cameras can show exactly where a leak is occurring without the need for destructive practices such as tearing out drywall.

We can also find any air leaks that may be occurring by using thermal imaging equipment. This is a tool that shows areas of the home that may be abnormally cold or warm. Even though an air leak might not seem to be that big of a deal, it can actually cause a lot of damage. Leaking air can also allow moisture to seep into your home, causing the problems mentioned above.

In addition to calling us for leak detection, you may also want to consider changing the type of insulation you’re using. We can perform a complete analysis of your home to show you exactly where your current insulation is falling short, and recommend cost-effective replacement options.

We’re Ready to Help You Deal With Your Humidity Issues

Although it’s not hard to learn how to avoid and correct home moisture problems, it’s not that convenient to do so. You can leave that to the professionals with Innovative Construction Solutions. Call (239) 384-5890 or get in touch with us through our convenient online form for more information.