It can sometimes be hard to tell that you need house window repair in Port Royal, FL. Window problems can be extremely subtle. If you don’t know exactly what to look for, that could increase the chances your home will suffer substantial damage as time goes by. At Innovative Construction Solutions, however, we have a team of experts with years of experience in window repair. We can tell you what’s happening, and then recommend the specific solution that will fix the problem.

Who is Innovative Construction Solutions?

House Window Repair Port Royal, FLWe have a team of general contractors who are committed to delivering superior services in an efficient, and affordable, manner. By taking advantage of our in-depth knowledge of windows, you can be alerted to small problems before they become major issues that could lead to very expensive repairs.

Our experts use sophisticated tools and equipment to test windows and pinpoint the specific location of a problem. We can then recommend the best solution to address the issue. This equipment includes the most advanced infrared imaging available – FLIR thermal imaging cameras. These cameras can – in a fast, non-invasive fashion – tell where a leak, for instance, is occurring. They can also tell how much damage that leak may have caused over time.

Signs You May Need to Repair Your Windows

These are just a few of the indications that it might be time for an Innovative Constructions Solutions professional to repair your windows.

  • Cold spots and/or drafts – Do some rooms in your home feel draftier than others? That could mean you have an air leak in the windows located in those rooms. We can determine exactly what’s going on, and then perform the repairs necessary to return that room to normal.
  • Warping or rot – The biggest enemy of a window is moisture. In a climate like Florida’s, humidity and heat are everyday occurrences for much of the year. That can make it easy for windows to deteriorate – providing a perfect environment for moisture to infiltrate your windows and you home. If you see rotting wood, you notice contaminants such as mold and mildew, or your weatherstripping is crumbling, get in touch with us a soon as you can.
  • Malfunctioning hardware – A properly working window should never be difficult to open or close. If you’re having problems operating your windows, we can help.
  • Cracks in the glass – A cracked window can be very subtle at first, only to grow over time. This will not only allow moisture to get into your home, it could also be robbing your air conditioner of efficiency.

Let Us Take Care of Your Window Installation as Well

There could be a chance that it’s time to replace your windows. This could not only protect the structural integrity of your home, it could also help reduce your energy bill each month. When cold air escapes through faulty windows, that makes your air conditioner have to work much harder. Not only does that increase your bill, it also increases wear and tear. Eventually, you might have to repair – or even replace – your cooling system.

Contact Us for More Information

We would love to tell you more about house window repair in Port Royal, FL. Get in touch with Innovative Construction Solutions by contacting us online or calling (239) 384-5890.