Successful pursuit of home remodeling and renovations in Naples, Florida, requires the expertise and commitment of specialists like the team available at Innovative Construction Solutions. Let us make your home stronger and healthier, even as we enhance its functionality and visual appeal.

Home Remodeling NaplesWe offer various services for homeowners, contractors, engineers, attorneys, and insurance professionals. Whether you need our expertise as a knowledge base, analyst service, inspection provider, renovator, remodeler, or contractor, we fully commit to every client and the project at hand. Innovative Construction Solutions brings decades of experience, advanced tools and techniques, and the capacity to handle any project of any size or scope.

Renovate or Remodel with Innovative Construction Solutions

Home transformations require a clear design plan and skillful implementation of those plans. Our team includes a swathe of professionals who can help with every stage required.

Remodeling your home will involve updating features or adding new ones. For example, installing an elevated faucet to the kitchen sink or adding a wall shower to the bathroom qualifies as remodeling efforts. Renovations involve the restoration of older pieces or repairs to broken or worn elements. Qualifying tasks would include roof repairs or plumbing tasks. You’ll find that most people who operate in the design world use the terms remodel and renovate interchangeably.

Innovative Construction Solutions can provide all of the building services you need – including inspections, remodels, renovations, additions, and construction – except mold abatement. We can provide referrals to qualified providers and make repairs following the resolution of the problem.

Making Remodeling Plans

Avoid doing so in a vacuum when choosing the features, materials, techniques, and other changes you’d like to make to your home. Considerations that should be included in the plan range from the ROI or return on investment to neighborhood parameters, permitting guidelines and regulations, budgetary concerns, and time. If you’d like assistance narrowing down your choices and pinpointing your spending power, allow our team to assist. We have quite a bit of experience in this realm and take satisfaction in providing our clients with the assistance required to accomplish project goals.

If you’re looking for the appropriate builder to meet your remodeling goals, book Innovative Construction Solutions. Our specialties are made to respond to the demands of the subtropical environment of the region, especially the features that make up the building envelope that protects from energy loss, water intrusion, mold and mildew growth, and sun/heat exposure.

Catalog of Innovative Construction Solutions Services:

  • Remediation
    • Window and Roof Leaks
    • Water Management
    • A/C Performance Evaluation
      • System Performance Testing
      • Air Leak Evaluation
      • Infrared Thermal Imaging Diagnostics
      • Insulation Inspection
      • Ductwork Inspection
    • Air Leaks
    • Systems Testing
      • A/C Performance Testing and Evaluation
      • Generator Testing and Evaluation
      • Electrical System Testing and Evaluation
      • Roofing and Tile Evaluation
    • Building Envelope Analysis
      • Water and air infiltration testing
      • Blower-door depressurization
      • Infrared thermography
      • Moisture mapping
      • Temperature and humidity readings
      • Roof surveys
      • Evaluation of mechanical systems
      • Construction defect investigation
  • Construction
    • Waterproofing
      • Window and door waterproofing
      • Balcony and deck waterproofing
      • Tile and stone waterproofing
      • Hardie board waterproofing
      • Exterior wall waterproofing
      • Below grade waterproofing
      • Planter waterproofing
    • Window and Door Installation
    • Roofing
      • Concrete Tile Roofs
      • Clay Tile Roofs
      • Slate Tile Roofs
      • Flat Roofs
      • Metal Roofs
      • Roof Replacement

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