Are you ready to upgrade your home in Naples, FL, and would like to partner with the best home remodeling contractors in the area? Choose Innovative Construction Solutions for a successful elevation of your residence.

Home Remodeling Contractors in Naples, FL

Home Remodeling Contractors in Naples, FL

The kitchen is a frequent target for renovation since it’s generally the heart of every home. Our team can provide you with a home that surpasses all of your expectations, and we’ll do so within budget and according to our agreed-upon schedule.

Ideas for Kitchen Renovations

Bring your kitchen up-to-date with strategically planned renovations in light of your budget, lifestyle, and preferences.

Incorporating light into kitchen spaces is one choice you will not regret. One of our specialties includes upgrading the windows and doors of your home to secure the home’s building envelope and produce healthier indoor air and a more durable structure.

The space within a kitchen is essential, as anyone who’s ever tried to prepare a meal as a team in a galley kitchen is well aware. A kitchen’s layout should facilitate movement and function. Plan for plenty of surface area for prep work and casual snacking, ample room to move when the family prepares a meal together, and sufficient storage to keep small appliances and pantry staples tucked away.

Another element to consider is the appearance of the materials chosen. Lighter colors will brighten the space and make it seem larger, and quality stones and tiles will elevate the overall design.

Beyond preparing food and storing tools and ingredients, your kitchen design should also incorporate plenty of seating and areas for dining. The choices vary from bar seating to a breakfast nook and should be designed to parallel the other design choices.

Ready to enter the technological revolution? Allow Innovative Construction Solutions to integrate smart tech within your home’s systems to enjoy a more functional, secure, and healthier home.

Kitchen renovations provide the perfect time to customize the design. Why shouldn’t you have a space that speaks to you personally? Innovative Construction Solutions operates as a partner with clear communication throughout the design and implementation phases of remodeling. We make it possible to craft a unique design that works for you. We can provide this customization level for any room you choose to remodel.

Innovative Construction Solutions – A Single Source for All Remodeling Needs

Whether you wish to remodel a single room like your kitchen, bathroom, or primary bedroom or would like to renovate your entire home, rely on the skill of the team here at Innovative Construction Solutions. We routinely provide a wide range of remediation and construction services, including the following:

    • Systems testing – A/C performance, generator, electrical system, roofing and tile
    • Window and roof leaks
    • Water management
    • Building envelope analysis – water and air infiltration, blower-door depressurization, infrared thermography, moisture mapping, temperature and humidity readings, roof surveys, mechanical systems, and construction defects
    • Air leaks
    • A/C performance testing – system performance, air leak evaluation, infrared thermal imaging diagnostics, insulation inspection, ductwork inspection
    • Waterproofing
    • Window and door installation
    • Roofing

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