Have you found the perfect home location, but the house itself could use an upgrade? If you require a full-home renovation in Naples, FL, the provider of choice is Innovative Construction Solutions.

Luxury Home Repair Services in Naples, FLInnovative Construction Solutions brings over 25 years of collective experience and the backing of our parent company, BCB Homes, to the table. We offer a range of renovation and construction services that fully prepare us to handle the renovation of your entire residence.

Full-Home Renovation versus Room-by-Room

When faced with the task of renovating your entire home, it could be tempting to approach the project piecemeal, one room at a time. This method seems like it would take less time and be less stressful, but with Innovative Construction Solutions, the work will be efficient and the experience reassuring.

The customized design of your home will be far more cohesive when the renovation is completed as one project. We realize that diving right in can be terrifying, so let’s discuss the advantages you’ll gain from making over your entire home at once.

Advantage One: Financially Wiser

As a healthy financial steward, it’s always important to make the wiser financial choice. A whole-home renovation actually costs less than a room-by-room process because all of the materials can be purchased at one time and various steps can be performed at once, saving on labor costs as well.

Advantage Two – Less Inconvenience and Stress

All renovations will include some degree of stress and disruption, but as with pulling off a Band-Aid, quick removal may have a greater intensity but a shorter duration.

Advantage Three – Cohesiveness of Design Integration

A one-room-at-a-time approach may begin with a cohesive design, and you may assume that this design is enough to keep the overall aesthetic cohesive as well. Unfortunately, maintaining a cohesive aesthetic is difficult when periods of time separate the efforts. Collect all of the materials at one time and follow-through with the implementation without any fits and starts that could disrupt cohesiveness.

Advantage Four – Seamless and Safe Structural Adjustments

Renovations frequently include changes to layout in the form of adjusting rooms or adding space. Rerouting lighting, adjusting plumbing, and even knocking down or adding walls require professionalism and a precise approach.

Extensive changes to your home require a whole-home approach to ensure that the structural integrity of the home is at the forefront and that the final appearance of all changes are seamless. The changes should appear as though they have always been a part of the primary structure.

Advantage Five – Unity of Materials and Quality of Work

The processes of construction require time and focus to come together cohesively. A whole-home approach allows for a single, quality builder like Innovative Construction Solutions to source the same fine materials for your project and implement the same level of quality into every room. This approach allows you to get all of the materials without facing an issue with discontinued products or a slim budget or less than quality builders later on as can happen with a piecemeal approach.

Advantage Six – Complete the Project Faster

A whole-home approach to renovation will result in your moving into the home you dream of faster. Remodeling one room at a time will simply take longer. Each room will require its own planning time, prep time, construction, and clean up. The whole-home approach can work on each room at the same time, resulting in a complete project far faster.

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