Foundation drainage issues require intervention from experts, and in Bonita Springs, FL, you won’t find more capable professionals than those at Innovative Construction Solutions.

Foundation Drainage Experts Bonita Springs, FLInnovative Construction Solutions professionals await the opportunity to evaluate your home, pinpoint the issues, remediate the problems, and prevent its recurrence. Rather than choosing an ill-prepared service provider or attempting a poorly conceived self-repair, schedule a consultation with the team here at Innovative Construction Solutions.

Specializing in incorporating foundation drainage systems requires experience, skill, and advanced tools, and Innovative Construction Solutions has all of them. By installing these drainage systems, we can prevent detrimental damage to the structural integrity of your home by sending water away from the home rather than allowing it to cause damage.

Call on a foundation expert at Innovative Construction Solutions immediately if you see any signs that your foundation may be experiencing undue stress. These signs may include water stains, mold/mildew growth, foundation cracks, bowed or swollen walls, and uneven floors.

When these problems occur, do not wait to address them. Water is the enemy of a healthy and sound home. It leads to rot and corrosion, respiratory damaging mold and mildew, and even the destruction of the home’s entire foundation and frame.

Allow one of our experts to evaluate your home’s foundation and prescribe the best solution. Whether we install a French drain, sump pump, or another drain system, we’ll eliminate the water and prevent it from causing further damage. In most cases, we can also fix any damage that has caused faults in the foundation.

The long history of remediation and construction that Innovative Construction Solution brings to the table serves to repair and protect the home you love. We combine advanced technology with expert level construction skills to find and repair a host of construction problems. We also provide our expertise to legal and insurance professionals who work in the construction sphere.

Foundation issues are not uncommon in South Florida. Consider the harsh climate, frequent rains, sandy soils, and you’ll understand why proactively caring for the foundation of any home is critical. Innovative Construction Solutions offers 25 years of experience, our reputation as a sister company of BCB Homes, and dedication to every client to your home, as we do all others.

Complete Catalog of Services from Innovative Construction Solutions

Remediation Services

  • Systems testing
    • A/C performance testing and evaluation
    • Generator testing and evaluation
    • Electrical system testing and evaluation
    • Roofing and tile evaluation
  • Window and roof leaks
  • Water management
  • Building envelope analysis
    • Water and air infiltration testing
    • Blower-door depressurization
    • Infrared thermography
    • Moisture mapping
    • Temperature and humidity readings
    • Roof surveys
    • Evaluation of mechanical systems
    • Construction defect investigation
  • Air leaks
  • A/C performance evaluation
    • System performance testing
    • Air leak evaluation
    • Infrared thermal imaging diagnostics
    • Insulation inspection
    • Ductwork inspection

Construction Services

  • Waterproofing
    • Window and door
    • Balcony and deck
    • Tile and stone
    • Hardie board
    • Exterior wall
    • Below grade
    • Planter
  • Window and door installation
  • Roofing
    • Concrete tile
    • Clay tile
    • Slate tile
    • Flat
    • Metal
    • Replacement

Protect your Bonita Springs, FL, home and property from foundation damage with appropriate drainage installed by the experts at Innovative Construction Solutions. We’ll treat your home and schedule with the respect you deserve and keep you in the loop at all times. Explore how we can be of assistance by contacting us online or calling (239) 384-5890.