Have you ever wished that your home could tell you when something was wrong, before the damage became obvious? Most home issues start small, but with building diagnostics from Innovative Construction Solutions, we can interpret what your home has to say, and we can create and implement a game plan to maximize your home’s existence. 

Fort Myers Building DiagnosticsThe experts here at Innovative Construction Solutions have skills, knowledge, and experience across a wide range of building sectors. As a subsidiary of BCB Homes with over two decades of experience, we have specialized skills and experience in maximizing the life of your home as well as the lifestyle lived within it. 

The tools that we use are technologically advanced as well as tried-and-true techniques. We use the methods most appropriate to the situation, with preference given to non-invasive techniques whenever possible. Examples of testing and methods that we use include water and air infiltration testing, blower-door depressurization, infrared thermography, moisture mapping, temperature and humidity readings, roof surveys, and mechanical systems testing. 

The aim of our inspections and testing is to make the most of your home. We offer quality service to promote as much energy efficiency and durability of your home as possible. By finding small problems that would otherwise go unnoticed until the results are catastrophic, we can prevent expensive and time-consuming disasters.

Building Inspection, Repair, and Construction Services

We at Innovative Construction Solutions provide a full catalog of building services, except for mold abatement. We can identify the problem and repair the damage afterward, but we can’t remove the mold itself. However, we can provide contact information for qualified mold specialists.

Consider the services that your home needs and reach out to Innovative Construction Solutions to make arrangements for them. Available remediation and construction services include:

  • Building envelope analysis – verifies the integrity of protection from energy loss and moisture intrusion at the exterior components;
  • Construction defect investigation – inspects to ensure that construction and installation of home systems are appropriate;
  • Inspection and repair of potential and current damage to the home;
  • Systems testing – find issues in various systems within the home (A/C performance, generator, electrical, and roofing);
  • Waterproofing – windows and doors, balconies and decks, tile and stone, hardie board, exterior wall, below-grade, and planter waterproofing;
  • Roofing repairs and replacement – repair of concrete tile, clay tile, slate tile, flat, and metal roofs and complete replacement
  • Window and door installation and replacement
  • Water management – evaluate and remediate any drainage problems
  • Water intrusion – identify the precise location, the extent of damage, and repairs

Innovative Construction Solutions provides more than remediation and construction. We also serve professionals in various sectors. For architects and engineers, we offer review and oversight of blueprints as well as consulting for building enclosures. Attorneys receive support for litigation, forensic analysis of buildings, and expert witness testimony. We also provide planning and estimating of repairs, building forensics, and expert witness services for insurance companies.

Click here to book building diagnostics from Innovative Construction Solutions for your Fort Myers home. You may also call (239) 384-5890. Consider us the residential doctor. We make house calls, diagnoses, prescriptions, and treatments. The best way to keep your home in its best shape is to allow professionals to regularly check it out and provide you with a plan of attack for needed maintenance and repair.