Prolong the life of your pool by fixing pool deck water drainage problems as quickly as possible. In Naples, FL, this problem merits a call to Innovative Construction Solutions. We understand the reasons for the problems and the most appropriate solutions for them.

Fixing Pool Deck Water Drainage Problems in Naples, FL

Pool drainage is essential for preserving your pool decking and landscaping. Your home’s investments deserve protection from needless damage. Making sure that water flows away from the pool deck in a way that doesn’t harm is vital to the safe use of your outdoor features.

The Vital Nature of Pool Deck Drainage

Drainage might seem like a non-factor when it comes to pool maintenance. However, when pools don’t drain properly, they become slick and dangerous, and the pool’s stability will be negatively affected.

When planning drainage for pool decking, various factors will play a part in the feature’s success. Slope, for instance, is of significant importance to drainage. Gravity is your best friend regarding drainage, but standing water will be an issue if the slope is angled in the wrong direction or insufficiently steep. As a general rule, a minimum of a quarter inch per foot of length is essential for proper drainage. The building professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions will be able to diagnose deficiencies in this area and find doable solutions.

The direction of the waterfalls matters as much as the fact that they drain away from the pool deck. Allowing the water to travel into landscaped areas will damage those plantings. If the water flows into an area that lacks drainage, you’ll have standing water in your yard, which is a breeding ground for mosquitos and can damage your home if it stands against the foundation and walls for a sustained period.

Rely on the professionals here at Innovative Construction Solutions to ensure your pool deck has appropriate drainage that will not cause collateral damage to your landscaping.

Pool Deck Drainage Options

System of Slotted Drains

Long, slim drains with slotted covers allow water to drain while filtering out large pieces of trash, leaves, and other debris. This type of drain is almost universally used for pool decks.

French Drain System

A French drain incorporated into landscaping directs water into a drain field. This type of drain can handle the amount of water needed to withstand the demands of pool deck drainage, hollows within the lawn, and other areas where grade is a problem. The functionality, affordability, discreet nature, and ease of installation make French drains a popular drainage solution.

Spot Drain Systems

Similar to slot drains, spot drains are circular drains with covers that direct water away from the drain area to another location via a pipe system. Like slot drain covers, spot drains are available in a wide range of sizes, and the covers are customizable.

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