In Naples, Florida, one environmental element that is impossible to escape is humidity, and fixing problems related to this element in your home is an essential part of home upkeep. Innovative Construction Solutions can resolve this problem to lengthen the life of your home and the respiratory health of its inhabitants.

Fixing Home Humidity Problems in your Naples, Florida HomeAt Innovative Construction Solutions, we offer over twenty-five years of combined experience. Our professional team has an impressive history, protecting luxury homes from environmental pressures, including humidity and water penetration.

Cutting-edge techniques and evaluation measures inform our remediation solutions. Some of these evaluation steps include

  • Water and air infiltration testing
  • Blower-door depressurization
  • Infrared thermography
  • Moisture mapping
  • Temperature and humidity readings
  • Roof surveys
  • Evaluation of mechanical systems
  • Construction defect investigation

By identifying problems as quickly as possible, we can resolve them and prevent expensive and potentially disastrous outcomes. Rather than assume humidity is an unavoidable part of life in Southwest Florida, rely on the professionals who can keep the humidity outside where it belongs and protect the home you love.

Protect the Health of Your Family

Failure to manage humidity within your home will have significant effects, particularly as it relates to your family’s health. The mold and mildew that will grow in the home will produce spores that cause respiratory and immune systems illnesses.

Protect the Home from Structural Damage

Prolonged exposure to humidity can also result in structural damage to the home itself. The mold and mildew that develop will infiltrate all fabrics and textiles, including carpets, drapes, and wallpaper. While the smell is unsettling and impossible to remove, the humidity will also work its way into the wood materials of the home, warping floors, rotting the frame, and destroying the effectiveness of the insulation.

Protect the Systems of the Home

Rust, rot, mold, and mildew are the inevitable outcomes of uncontrolled indoor humidity. Unfortunately, this situation will lead to the failure of plumbing and heating and cooling systems. The humidity also attracts pests that will destroy wiring, foundations, walls, etc.

Innovative Construction Solutions Answer to Unchecked Humidity

When testing for humidity levels, if we receive data that projects a problem, we will check the issue through water management, remediation of the home enclosure, and other measures that prevent humidity from intruding on the comfortable, dry interior of your home.

The waterproofing professionals here at Innovative Construction Solutions are experienced and use the best methods for the job.

Our reputation for quality, integrity, and professionalism proceeds us. We will be happy to provide references and credentials for licensing, insurance, and bonding for your peace of mind.

The goal of Innovative Construction Solutions is to surpass your expectations, and we do whatever is required to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the results, the price, and the ease of the experience.

Fixing home humidity problems in your Naples, Florida home will be far easier and more successful the sooner the problem is identified. Reach out to Innovative Construction Solutions at (239) 384-5890 for our inspection, diagnosis, prescription, and treatments. Breathe easier, prevent mold and mildew growth, and enjoy fewer frizzy hair days by counting on our services.