If one were to identify the most common destructive force that affects homes and structures, it would be water. Water flows without regard to the importance of the structure. It can be directed, but not completely controlled. For homes in Naples, FL, exterior water management is a key component of care, and Innovative Construction Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of identification and remediation services.

Exterior Water Management Naples, FLInnovative Construction Solutions specializes in inspection and maintenance of everything related to home care. The building professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions provide skilled detection of energy loss and water management issues that commonly occur in the region.

Issues with Water Drainage

Water drainage problems can develop over a period of time as rains, additional hardscaping builds, and landscaping change the grade of the property. Unfortunately, the issue may not be evident until heavy rains come and leave your yard a swampy mess.

Gravity will gravity. Water will flow in a downward motion without regard to what stands in its way. Effective water management solutions use gravity, providing water a downward pathway to follow, away from primary structures and landscaping.

Water management should focus on two primary areas – water that falls onto the house itself and water that needs to be directed away from the house. Often, the first will become the second.

A 1 ½ – 2% slope directing water away from the home is essential to protect the home and the surrounding landscaping and outbuildings. We may regrade the property, returning it to the proper slope, or install French drains, sump pumps or flow wells, channel or trench drains, retainer basins, or retaining walls.

Water that flows from downspouts, gutters, and basement drains shouldn’t be overlooked. Directing this water away from structures and to the designated place on the property is also important.

The water barrier of a home is essential, and the most effective way to protect it is to protect the exterior from water from the beginning. Overhangs and gutters are key to directing runoff away from the home, but waterproofing balconies, windows, doors, and other elements of the building envelope is a significant part of this solution.

The costs of rectifying drainage issues may be high, but the damage left can be far more expensive to remedy. Arranging for a full solution before drastic damage occurs is ideal, and that’s where Innovative Construction Solutions comes into the picture.

In addition to providing water management services, Innovative Construction Solutions provides leak detection to identify areas where the building envelope’s weaknesses lie. We’ll find even miniscule leaks in the walls, slab, pool, windows, or roofs of our clients’ homes.

Identifying these leaks can be difficult with old-school techniques. They often require damaging the property while trying to find the leak. With the FLIR thermal imaging cameras that we use, tiny gaps can be found, and the extent of damage can be evaluated as well. 

Waterproofing solutions like caulking, protective coatings, wet seal and glazing, and restoration and sealing that we offer can be applied to all of the following features:

  • Windows and doors
  • Balconies and decks
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Planters
  • Exterior walls
  • Below-grade walls

Exterior water management for homes in Naples, FL is an essential part of home ownership. Luckily, the professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions are here to service your property for full protection. Book this service or any of our others by calling (239) 384-5890 or by clicking here.