Just as with windows, it is very important to hire professionals for exterior door installation to ensure that the doors will be both beautiful and energy-efficient. Look no further than Innovative Construction Solutions in Naples, FL.

Exterior Door Installation in Naples, FLThe highly qualified Innovative Construction Solutions team comprises engineers, field supervisors, and installation technicians who are highly trained and the best in the industry. With expertise in most building systems, we also specialize in the prevention of water intrusion and can help ensure that your windows and doors perform properly after installation.

Benefits of Exterior Door Replacement

Even if your old front door still functions, there are several benefits of investing in door replacement, such as:

Curb appeal: Getting new exterior and/or interior doors is a great way to improve your home’s appearance and curb appeal. The entry door gives the first impression of your home to visitors. It should be attractive, in good condition, and compliment your home’s architecture.

Energy efficiency: One of the most important benefits will be better energy efficiency. Old, leaky doors that allow conditioned air to escape from your home are responsible for wasted energy and higher heating and cooling costs. New doors are usually better insulated, allowing them to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

Better security: Replacing old doors can boost your home’s security. Today’s quality steel and fiberglass doors are more durable and built with new technologies that resist forced entry. They also have reinforced cores that resist warping, chipping, and peeling, unlike older wood doors. When combined with a new bolt locking system and a wide-angle peephole, replacing your entry door will add an extra level of security to your home.

Ease of use: As homes age, the doors may warp, crack, or deteriorate. Replacing them will make them easier to use.

Exterior Entry Door Options

Entry doors are available in single- and double-door configurations with a wide range of options. If you are looking for inspiration to help you decide on the perfect entry door for your home, here are some popular options to consider:

  • Fiberglass Entry Doors: Fiberglass front doors are very common in new construction in Florida because they are designed to hold up to rain and to withstand hurricane-force winds. They are also popular as replacement doors because they can be smooth or textured, painted or stained, and are dent-resistant, moderately priced, and need little maintenance.
  • Wood Entry Doors: Although solid-wood front doors are expensive and need regular painting or varnishing to keep them looking fresh, they are beautiful, good at resisting wear and tear, unlikely to dent, and easy to repair if they get scratched.
  • Steel Entry Doors: Once popular because they are inexpensive and offer similar security benefits as wood and fiberglass doors, they are no longer used as often because they don’t hold up as well to our harsh Florida weather and scratches may rust if not painted promptly.

Due to stringent building and permitting codes, you should hire a professional contractor, such as Innovative Construction Solutions in Naples, FL, for exterior door installation. Contact us at (239) 384-5890 for more information. We provide exceptional service every step of the way.