Keep the installation of your Fort Myers, FL, home’s exterior door in line with all standards by hiring the professionals at Innovative Construction Solutions to handle the task. We provide experienced staff with advanced equipment, skills, and a commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction. 

Exterior Door Installation in Fort Myers, FLInstalling doors is a task best left to professionals, especially in Southwest Florida, where the building envelope is of the utmost importance against high humidity, frequent rain, intense sun exposure, and stormy conditions. Multiple reasons make professional door installation essential, from your schedule to your home’s security.

Time Saved

Professionals do everything faster – they have practice that the layperson doesn’t. We can arrive at a time that is convenient for you. When you call on Innovative Construction Solutions, your door will not be the first, or even the fifth, that the tech who arrives for your service has installed. Imagine the frustration of beginning the job only to realize that it’s going to take far longer than you had allotted for the job. 

Clean-Up Included

Innovative Construction Solutions ensures no mess is left for you to handle – not even the old door. Removal service alone is worth the call. 

Proper Door Installation

Door installation can be tricky, and different elements affect the process. The materials that the doors are made of will dictate the hardware required and the calculations performed for appropriate installation. If your exterior door is installed incorrectly, the result will be drafts, bugs, higher energy bills, and more. 

Safety Ensured

A home’s exterior door provides entrance and exit for residents and their guests, but it should prevent access by those who aren’t invited or welcome. When a professional performs the installation, it will operate appropriately, latching and locking as it should.

Injury Avoided

Exterior doors are heavier than they look. They’re solid and designed to keep unwanted elements and people out. If you try putting in a door yourself, you’ll either hurt your back or hands or simply give up after attempting to lift it.

Visual Appeal Assured

A door installation can quickly go wrong, resulting in chipped paint, dents, or broken glass. Installation by Innovative Construction Solutions will ensure that your guests’ first impression is one of perfection. 

Leave the installation of your doors to the experts here at Innovative Construction Solutions. Doing so will protect your family, your home’s appearance, your weekend, and your back.

Innovative Construction Solutions is a subsidiary of BCB Homes. With 25 years of experience and a commitment to high standards, we offer a plethora of remediation and construction services, including all of the following:

  • Remediation
    • Window and roof leaks
    • Water management
    • A/C performance evaluation
      • System performance testing
      • Air leak evaluation
      • Infrared Thermal Imaging Diagnostics
      • Insulation inspection
      • Ductwork inspection
    • Air leaks
    • Systems testing
      • A/C Performance testing and evaluation
      • Generator testing and evaluation
      • Electrical system testing and evaluation
      • Roofing and tile evaluation
    • Building envelope analysis
      • Water and air infiltration testing
      • Blower-door depressurization
      • Infrared thermography
      • Moisture mapping
      • Temperature and humidity readings
      • Roof surveys
      • Mechanical systems evaluation
      • Construction defect investigation
  • Construction
    • Window and door installation
    • Waterproofing
      • Windows and doors
      • Balconies and decks
      • Tile and stone
      • Hardie board
      • Exterior wall
      • Below grade
      • Planter
    • Roofing
      • Concrete Tile
      • Clay Tile
      • Slate Tile
      • Flat
      • Metal
      • Replacement

Are you thinking of installing your front door? Don’t. Innovative Construction Solutions offers exterior door installation in Fort Myers, FL, instead. Our services are affordable and convenient to book – click here or call (239) 384-5890.