It’s never fun to need door frame replacement in Port Royal, FL, of course. But if you ever find yourself in this situation, Innovative Construction Solutions will be here to help. You’ll always be able to count on us to take care of your job as quickly and efficiently as possible, and with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Homeowners throughout the region turn to us on a regular basis for a variety of services, and we welcome the opportunity to show you why.

Signs You May Need Door Frame Replacement

Door Frame Replacement Port Royal FLAs much abuse as your doors take, it’s a wonder that the frames that support them last as long as they do. The frame is critically important, not only to the look of your door but also it’s function. If there’s something wrong with the frame, there’s no way the door will be able to work as it should.

Here are just a few indications that it might be time to consider door frame replacement. Some of them are fairly obvious, but others are very subtle. If you notice any of the following, get in touch with Innovative Construction Solutions as soon as you can so we can take care of the issue. We’ll tell you exactly why your frame is failing, and tell exactly what your replacement will entail.

  • The door doesn’t function properly – If you have any problems closing or opening your doors – and especially, if you can’t lock it properly – then you need to contact us right away for door frame replacement. You should be able to use a door without even thinking about it. If you have any problems, we’ll handle them.
  • Your door is suddenly noisy – When you slam a door shut, it’s obviously going to make a loud noise. But if the door is making an odd sound when closing or opening it normally, then you probably have a door frame issue. If you have an older wood door, the odds are the frame will need to be replaced.
  • You notice condensation on the glass portion of your door – If you have glass on your door and it tends to fog up a great deal, that could be an indication of some sort of water intrusion. Over time, that can weaken your door frame to the point that it fails completely. The leak could be due to roof damage that has allowed water to infiltrate the frame, as well as other areas of your home. If you have any reason to believe a leak is causing your windows to fog, we’ll find the source of that leak and recommend ways to fix it.

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