Innovative Construction Solutions provides residents of Southwest Florida with premier disaster restoration and cleaning services. When calamity strikes, we will be there to help you return your property to its former state.

Disaster Restoration and Cleaning ServicesA subsidiary of BCB Homes, Innovative Construction Solutions brings a wealth of expertise, decades of collective experience, and a diverse staff of licensed professionals across the industry. Recognizing the importance of your home’s speedy restoration as essential to your return to everyday life, we work efficiently. Your experience will be one of hands-off, stress-free home remediation and construction.

Disasters due to fire or inclement weather may damage and even destroy your home, but Innovative Construction Solutions is here to help you navigate the trying time. We regularly work with insurance companies, attorneys, contractors, architects, and engineers, so we can help you expedite whatever red tape is in the way of your home’s care.

The first step following a disaster is to protect your home from more damage. Allow Innovative Construction Solutions to take care of your property. We regularly provide comprehensive home services other than mold abatement. Our team can note the mold, report the cause, provide you with a professional capable of remediation, and even repair the damage that results from treatments provided, but we will not perform mold remediation ourselves.

After a disastrous event, steps to care for your property should begin as soon as is safely possible. We take on each instance individually, evaluating the status of the home and initiating any short-term protective measures we deem necessary.

Once the home is protected from additional damage, we will then begin cleaning, repairing, and restoring your home to its pre-disaster state.

Structural damage caused by water is one of the most serious hazards to a home, and water is also one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. Mitigation of the water from flooding, burst pipes, or intrusion due to debris propelled by wind is necessary. Our team rises to the challenge with fast and effective solutions.

Our familiarity with insurance companies is also beneficial to our clients. Starting the work needed to return the home to normal requires insurance companies to expedite the claim without delay.

You can expect Innovative Construction Solutions to immediately inspect your home to find the cause of the water infiltration, the precise locations of entry, and how much damage has occurred. We will also check the humidity and moisture levels, note the presence of any mold, and provide instructions for preventing mold development.

When we arrive at your home, breathe a sigh of relief and allow us to take over. 

Innovative Construction Solutions brings advanced technology, quality expertise, and committed professionalism to any project, but we are incredibly diligent when dealing with homes damaged by a disaster.

The building envelope is one of the most critical areas to inspect. The smallest, most minute defects will lead to more significant breaks. Fast intervention is essential to limit the damage done and expenses incurred following a disaster.

After disaster strikes, restoration and cleaning services are essential. In Southwest Florida, Innovative Construction Solutions offers these services expertly and promptly. Schedule a consultation today by clicking here or calling (239) 384-5890. We stand ready to pick up the pieces when your property experiences damage.