Deck & balcony waterproofing in Naples, FL from Innovative Construction Solutions is a must. While we adore the weather in Florida, there are times it can get a little rough. There are other times where the sun can beat down for days on end. No matter how harsh the weather conditions may be, we can keep your deck and balcony protected at all times. You won’t have to worry about water intrusion causing issues such as mold and fungus accumulation, wood rot, and other issues that could jeopardize the safety of you and your family.

Why Choose Us for Waterproofing?

Deck & Balcony Waterproofing Naples FLWhen you turn to the Innovative Construction Solutions team, you’ll be turning to what is truly a team of experts. Our staff includes engineers, landscape architects, building architects, project managers and skilled, licensed general contractors. All of these professionals have extensive experience in deck and balcony construction, and can recommend the exact solutions needed to ensure long-term performance.

Signs You May Need Have a Leak

A wood balcony will typically include railings, posts, doors, windows, walls, flooring and a covering of some kind. In many instances, they will also include flashings, lighting fixtures and other structural members. The vast majority of these components can contribute to water intrusion if not properly installed.

If you notice any of the following, get in touch with Innovative Construction Solutions to find out what is happening, and how to fix it.

  • Moisture coming from the edges of the deck or balcony. This typically means that water is pooling rather than draining.
  • Stains due to water accumulation.
  • Leaks near the threshold, the sides of the door, the windows, or below the deck.
  • Trouble closing or opening doors or windows because wood is swelling.
  • Signs of dry rot or wood deterioration.
  • Missing or cracked tiles or grout.
  • Paint that has blistered or peeled.
  • Railing and post joints that appear to have weakened.

Unless you can pinpoint the source of a problem, you won’t be able to fix it in the most efficient manner possible. Innovative Construction Solutions has state-of-the-art technology that does just that. Our infrared imaging equipment can find exactly where a leak is coming from, and determine how much damage may have occurred.

Waterproofing Services

The best way to avoid having to deal with the frustration and hassle of a leak, of course, is to do whatever you can to avoid leaks in the first place. We have a great deal of experience in providing waterproofing services that will give you peace of mind. Your weathered balcony and deck will look new and luxurious, and it will be extremely easy to maintain as well. If your current coatings have failed, we can safely remove them without causing any damage.

Many homebuilders use our waterproofing services in order to separate themselves from their competitors. The reason is they know we can extend the life of balconies and decks, and add value to a home. Waterproofing from Innovative Construction Solutions stands the test of time, and withstands the harshest elements.

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