If you’ve found a high-rise condo in Naples, Florida, with an ideal location and beautiful view but discover that it could use a bit of renovation, turn to Innovative Construction Solutions for superior results. We can transform even the most lackluster unit into a luxurious, high-rise condo.

Challenges Faced by Condo Renovators


Condo Renovation Naples, FloridaA small living space often means limited storage. Limited storage, in turn, leads to a cluttered, chaotic living environment. Remodeling efforts that facilitate stashing possessions in an organized fashion will make it easier to maintain and upkeep the condominium as a home. These functional aspects are key to satisfaction with renovation efforts. They do the homework for its intended purpose, leaving room for aesthetic maximization.

We find that vertical storage units and build-ins are key to condo remodeling. Securely installing these elements is key for the unit’s safety and structural integrity. From the kitchen to the bathroom, bedrooms, and family room, devoting a wall to storage may be the optimal design choice.

In addition to renovating with storage in mind, condo owners also find storage-friendly furniture pieces useful. Today’s furniture market includes many remarkable options that conceal items while promoting a stylish design.


With a single exterior facing wall, each condominium unit has minimal natural light. Combating this limitation through renovation is essential. Installing large windows, light, monochromatic color choices, streamlined furnishings, and open floor plans are key to brightening up a condo.

Our team can also install lighting systems that provide a layered system that offers appealing light in a way that works visually and functionally. Allow us to open up and brighten up your dim, light-challenged condominium.

Choose Innovative Construction Solutions

For successful condo renovations, choose Innovative Construction Solutions. As a subsidiary of BCB Homes with 25 years of collective experience, our team can provide all the building-related services homeowners need, except mold abatement. Call us for a foolproof result if you need new construction, inspection, remediation, or renovation.

Whether you want to pursue a process that goes from step to step, room to room, project to project, or transform the entire unit at once, we will embrace your project and manage it from beginning to end. You can personalize your condominium, elevating it from a cookie-cutter unit that people expect from this type of dwelling.

Having one team work on all of your renovations will enhance the potential for the result to be seamless without changes in style, materials, or techniques. When you choose Innovative Construction Solutions, you can bet the home will be more energy-efficient, durable, and structurally sound.

Financially, the choice of Innovative Construction Solutions is wise. We have plenty of material contacts to quickly source high-quality flooring, roofing, plumbing, and wiring. If you choose to renovate the entire condo at one time, we can secure all of the materials even more affordable, and we can make sure that the unit’s design will be as cohesive as possible.

Click here or call (239) 384-5890 to explore various condo renovation options in Naples, Florida. Innovative Construction Solutions is a premier building, remodeling, and inspection service provider that makes owning a home worry-free.