Innovative Construction Solutions can provide you with efficient, non-intrusive commercial leak detection services in Naples, FL. We don’t use the old, destructive, “seek and find” method of locating leaks. Instead, we use advanced technology that does an even better job. We’ll show you exactly where leaks are occurring, why they’re happening, and help you set a roadmap for fixing the problem for good. The sooner you take action, the easier it will be to avoid extremely costly repairs.

Why is a Water Leak So Serious?

Commercial Leak Detection Services Naples, FLThere are, of course, many instances where you can easily see that you have a water leak. Water may be seeping out of a toilet tank, or water may be accumulating near dishwashers or other appliances. In most cases, though, it can be very difficult to see a leak. It could be coming from the roof, or near a window. It could also be inside a wall.

There are a lot of reasons why leaks develop. They can be gradual, where it takes months to realize something’s wrong. This is actually one of the most destructive kinds of leaks, because it can erode your building – possibly even to the point where it threatens the structural integrity. Mold is another consequence of a leak, and can lead to thousands of dollars in remediation.

The damage done by a leak can be horrible for a business. If you have a commercial enterprise and your building has a leak, these are just some of issues you might have to face.

  • Unexpected expenses – You obviously know you’ll have to pay to fix a leak. But if the damage is bad enough, there could be other costs as well. You might have to pay fines for city code violations, and also pay for returning your building to compliance.
  • Business interruptions – Nothing hurts a business more than downtime. If you have a serious water leak, that could bring your operations to a halt for days, weeks, or even longer.
  • Insurance costs – You could wind up paying more for your insurance if your building sustains a great deal of damage.

Take those risks out of the equation by contacting Innovative Construction Solutions. We’ll use our sophisticated technology to pinpoint the location of a leak, and then recommend the best ways to take care of the issue.

A Brief Look at Our Incredible Leak Detection Equipment

We use the most advanced imaging cameras to show where a leak is happening. This equipment can tell, for instance, if the source of the leak is a roof or some other part of your building.

Older methods of leak detection are not only destructive, they’re not even guaranteed to be effective. These include removing flooring, tearing out drywall, and, in some cases, tearing up landscaping. Contact us and you can avoid that costly – and possibly even unnecessary – destruction.

Learn How Innovative Construction Solutions Can Bring You Peace of Mind

The professionals with Innovative Construction Solutions are true experts in commercial leak detection services in Naples, FL. When you turn to us, you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken the action necessary to address a leak, and you could very well save a great deal of money in the process. Learn more by calling (239) 384-5890 or using our convenient online form.