If you suspect your office building has a leak, get in touch with the building moisture consultants in Naples, FL with Innovative Construction Solutions. We have a deep understanding of building science, and we have sophisticated equipment that will tell you exactly where a leak is occurring. Once we pinpoint the location, we will then show you the most effective remediation services to address the issue.

Why Turn to Innovative Construction Solutions?

Building Moisture Consultants Naples, FLOur team includes a wide variety of people who are experts in buildings of all kinds. These professionals have varied backgrounds, including project managers, construction experts, architects, engineers and more. We’ll put this knowledge to use for you, efficiently determining the source of a leak and then recommending the perfect long-term solution.

Reasons Windows Leak

Have you noticed dampness near your windowsills? Have you seen water stains on the walls near your windows? Then you need to contact us as soon as possible, because you have some sort of leak. Any sort of water intrusion can be very serious. It can damage walls and ceilings to the point to where extensive repairs will be needed. In severe cases, it can even threaten the structural integrity of your building.

These are just some of the many, many reasons that a window leak can occur.

  • Non-level windows due to poor installation
  • Low-quality, damaged or missing sealant
  • Caulking that is missing or damaged
  • Defective manufacturing processes
  • Glass seals that are worn or missing

We have a variety of tests that we use in order to not only determine whether or not a leak is taking place, but also where that leak is coming from. Once these tests are complete, we’ll show you exactly how to fix the problem.

Reasons Roofs Leak

As bad as a window leak may be, a roof leak can be even worse. The damage done by a roof leak can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, and costly downtime. Here are just some of the more common causes of a leaking roof.

  • Holes due to age or storm damage
  • Aged tiles or shingles that are cracked or missing
  • Degraded roof flashing
  • Clogged or damaged gutters
  • Debris, such as tree branches

Please get in touch with us as fast as possible if you have any reason whatsoever to believe you have a roof leak. The sooner you take action, the better the chances of minimizing any damage that may have taken place.

Our Leak Detection Technology

In many instances, plumbers looking for a leak will use the old-fashioned “seek and destroy” method. They simply start tearing out drywall until they can find where a leak is occurring. Not only is this incredibly inefficient, it’s also incredibly expensive.

Our professionals don’t have to resort to this outdated technique. Instead, we use advanced thermal imaging cameras. Not only can they tell the exact source of a leak, they can also show how much damage that leak might have caused.

Let Us Take Care of Your Water Intrusion Problems for Good

The building moisture consultants in Naples, FL with Innovative Construction Solutions are ready if you ever need us. We’ll show you exactly what needs to be done in order to once again get your building back to normal. Give us a call at (239) 384-5890 or use our convenient online form to get in touch.