New and old construction benefits from the data provided by a building envelope analysis. The experts at Innovative Construction Solutions can provide insight into the most efficient and effective measures to protect and maintain the building enclosure. We can pinpoint potential problems, prioritize solutions, and present a plan of action for property owners to consider.

Building Envelope AnalysisA subsidiary of BCB Homes, Innovative Construction Solutions offers inspections and evaluations of various building systems and components, remediation, and construction services for private homeowners and contractors. We also lend our expertise to insurance, legal, and building design professionals.

If you’re unfamiliar with the importance of building envelopes and doubt that you need an analysis, consider the top reasons to schedule a service from us today.

The Critical Barrier for Your Building

Just as skin is the barrier between your internal organs and the outside world, a building envelope protects the structural frame and building systems. This envelope comprises the roof, the walls, the doors, the windows, and other elements of the home’s exterior, as well as the layers of protective features attached to it.

Your building envelope actually provides three types of protection: the air barrier, the weather barrier, and the thermal barrier. When all components are in place and in good condition, the internal temp remains stable, moisture doesn’t intrude, and flammable components are protected.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Envelope

Innovative Construction Solutions can perform assessments to identify building envelope performance problems. Our staff of technicians has training, expertise, and experience, not to mention they’re armed with advanced technology to help them identify areas of trouble within the envelope.

Much of the area where potential problems with your building envelope are hidden, but nothing gets by our thermal imaging technology.

Unbiased Analysis and Prescription

We are interested in protecting your building and providing you with appropriate guidance. When you rely on Innovative Construction Solutions, the information you gain will be invaluable. Consider the higher overhead expenses that will continue to grow as long as a building envelope problem is allowed to exist and expand. Early resolution of the issues is the best way to protect from more significant expenses in the long run.

One-Stop Shop for Your Home’s Protection

Your home’s building envelope is a network of separate pieces that work together. When you allow Innovative Construction Solutions to analyze the envelope and prescribe solutions, you’ll find that we are much the same. Our experts specialize in every aspect of the building system to provide a complete service. You won’t get a half-baked set of suggestions when we report the situation of your home.

Protect Your Largest Asset

Whether you know that a problem exists with the building envelope or simply want peace of mind, regular analysis of your building envelope is essential. The earlier you identify problems, the faster they can be rectified, and the less expensive the solutions are.

Innovative Construction Solutions’ building envelope analysis services are vital to property owners throughout Southwest Florida. We bring construction expertise and a dedication to perfection to every job. If you would like to schedule any of our services, reach out today by calling (239) 384-5890 or following this link to contact us online.