Roof inspection services from Innovative Construction Solutions can be an incredibly effective way to keep your Bonita Springs home in top-notch condition. Even the smallest of roof leaks will eventually lead to significant damage when not dealt with, and the longer the leak continues, the worse the damage will be. Finding and repairing damage as quickly as possible is essential to home ownership.

Bonita Springs Roof Inspection ServicesAn annual roof inspection is vital to the maintenance of your home. The inspections we provide go beyond the traditional visual assessment to one that employs thermal imaging equipment to identify gaps in the building envelope. Our inspections can find the tiniest of defects in the building envelope, even those that are impossible to detect in a visual evaluation.

Routine roof inspections that identify small problems before they have time to grow will save you money. As roofing issues are allowed to linger, the defect expands, the damage becomes more extensive, and the repairs become more and more expensive.

Regular roof inspections also extend the life of your roof. When small problems are resolved as quickly as possible and the damage is minimized, the roof will remain in good condition far longer.

From early leak detection to storm damage identification and roof safety, regular roof inspections are key to making sure that your home remains in good condition.

During a roof inspection, our techs will check the overall condition of the roof for any leaks. We’ll also evaluate the shingles, flashing, vents, insulation, and gutters. Through these evaluations, we’ll be able to make suggestions for maintenance, repair, or complete replacement.

The importance of choosing an experienced, qualified roof inspector shouldn’t go underestimated. We at Innovative Construction Solutions would like to put ourselves up for consideration. We’re licensed and insured, the sister company of BCB Homes, and have 25 years collective experience in the building trades.

For decades, we have provided a range of remediation and construction services to homeowners, contractors, legal professionals, and insurance companies. Our expertise and advanced technology work on behalf of our clients.

Benefits of an Infrared Roof Inspection

The technology we use at Innovative Construction Solutions to perform roof inspections allows evaluations to be non-invasive. Thermal imaging is sophisticated and measures the level of thermal energy coming from an object – like a roof. If a leak exists in a roof, the thermal energy coming from the precise area will be different from the rest of the roof. The high-resolution images taken by this equipment are highly effective and fast, relating the exact areas of defect as well as the extent of the damage done, but its use requires know-how and expertise.

The benefits of infrared roof inspections over traditional roof inspections include:

  • Speed and accuracy
  • Not destructive or invasive
  • Fast repairs
  • Affordability

Infrared technology is also an excellent tool for other structural investigations. This tool can be used to test for window and door leaks, air conditioning system issues, and electrical system weaknesses, just to name a few.

Schedule a roof inspection or other remediation or construction services for your Bonita Springs home today. Click here to contact us online, or reach out by dialing (239) 384-5890. We take the worry and hassle out of home ownership by providing a comprehensive system of inspections and repair services.