It’s never fun, of course, to realize you need Bonita Springs leak detection. But if you notice a problem early enough, you’ll actually wind up saving a great deal of money. The reason is you’ll be addressing that minor issue before it turns into something major. The experts with Innovative Construction Solutions have years of experience in leak detection. We’ll find out where a leak is coming from, and then show you exactly what needs to be done to fix it for good.

Why Choose Us?

Bonita Springs Leak DetectionAt Innovative Construction Solutions, we have a proud history of providing a wide range of home and business services. We’re passionate about the science of buildings, and we know how to make them last for decades. We have a team of project managers, engineers, construction experts and other professionals who are committed to client satisfaction. Regardless of the kind of leak you may have, we’ll not only find it, but also provide whatever kinds of repairs might be needed.

Window Leaks

Even a seemingly minor window leak can do a lot of damage as the years go by. Little by little, water will start seeping into the structure of your home, weakening wood as well as drywall. If the problem is significant enough, it could take thousands of dollars to fix.

There are several different ways that a window leak can occur. We’ve seen many instances where poor installation was the chief culprit. Installers either didn’t know what they were doing, or didn’t care they weren’t doing the job right. When installation isn’t of the highest quality, that can lead to not only leaks but wasted energy. Those supposedly energy-efficient windows will all of a sudden be worthless.

Here are a few of the more common problems with window installation.

  • Not making sure they’re level.
  • Not doing the proper job of sealing the windows. Installers will typically form a seal by using a special type of foam that expands. But in order for the foam to do its job, accurate measurements must first be taken. If the installer doesn’t use enough, the foam won’t be able to form between the wall and the window. This will allow air channels to form, and, ultimately, water to intrude into the window frame.
  • Improper caulking can also result in leaks. Either the caulk has become brittle and eventually broke apart, or it wasn’t applied in the first place.
  • In some cases, the installer isn’t to blame – rather, there was some sort of manufacturer’s defect that wasn’t caught in time. There could have also been an issue when the window was shipped from the factory.

There are also rare instances where a leak isn’t coming from a window at all, but some other location. You might have some sort of damage to a wall you don’t know about, and that’s leading to water accumulating close to the window. But we’ll be able to spot the precise location of a leak, regardless of where it’s coming from. Once we do that, we’ll have the right game plan to address it once and for all.

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