Innovative Construction Solutions provides homeowners in Bonita Bay with specialty construction services. We use the best materials and inspection technology and leave our workspace clean when the project ends. For over 25 years, we have provided a broad array of inspection, remediation, and construction services, both general and specialty.

Understanding Specialty Construction

Bonita Bay Specialty Construction ServicesWithin the construction arena, at least forty different trades play a role. Specializing in any of these areas requires specific experience and training. From electricity to framing, drywalling, HVAC, and beyond, the various home systems have parameters that need to be understood and mastered. Specialty contractors like those at Innovative Construction Solutions generally have both general and specific construction foundations.

A specialty contractor is analogous to a specialist in the medical field. You see a neurologist for issues with the brain or nervous system, and for problems with your home’s roof, you’ll call a roofer. Examples of specialty contractors include plumbers, lighting specialists, painters, concrete pourers, HVAC professionals, alarm installers, roofers, window/door installers, and waterproofers – among others.

Innovative Construction Solutions specializes in roofing, waterproofing, and door/window installation. We protect the building enclosure, a vital element of any home in Florida. Our team can offer various construction services, except for mold abatement. We can identify the issue and refer you to an abatement specialist, and we’ll be there to repair the damage they must do to remove the mold. However, we can’t deal with the actual mold itself.

Roofing Concerns

The roofs of Florida homes face incredible challenges. The climate throws constant sun, winds, rain, and branches, from time to time, at the roof of every home. Innovative Construction Solutions offers expert-level roofing inspections, repair, and even replacement.

We install and service clay tile, concrete tile, flat, slate tile, metal, and other roof types. The result will be a healthy home, protected from the elements and damage from insufficient roofing.

Window and Door Concerns

The building envelope also relies on the appropriate installation of doors and windows. This area is another wherein we offer specialty construction services at Innovative Construction Solutions. Our techs install windows and doors and check to ensure that they will perform well despite the challenges of use and climate.

If the time has come to upgrade your windows or doors, call on us to ensure the installation will not cause further problems.

Waterproofing Concerns

Moisture permeation is also a serious issue with homes in the Florida climate. Waterproofing stands on the brink for your home, guarding against the damage posed by a humid environment. The right materials and techniques will keep humidity, condensation, and water intrusion from destroying your home. We offer waterproofing for exterior walls, planters, balconies, decks, windows, doors, tile, and stone.

Act now to protect your home when disaster strikes. A well-kept roof, strong windows and doors, and an intact waterproofing system will make your home’s life longer, its value higher, and the indoor air healthier.

Next Steps

Innovative Construction Solutions proudly offers remediation and specialty construction services for Bonita Bay residents. We’re eager to become your go-to call for anything home maintenance or repair-related. Click here to contact us online or call (239) 384-5890.