The air conditioning within your Marco Island, FL, home needs to work well all summer long, and performance testing from Innovative Construction Solutions can secure peak functionality. 

Air Conditioning Performance Testing Marco Island, FLThe professionals here at Innovative Construction Solutions offer a wide range of testing related to air conditioner performance including all of the following:

  • System Performance Testing – compare A/C output to system capacity and spot any system errors;
  • Air Leak Evaluation – blower door test to spot areas of energy and air loss;
  • Infrared Thermal Infrared Diagnostics – hidden issues within the building envelope are found by using a FLIR high-resolution thermal imaging camera;
  • Insulation Inspection – visual evaluation to ensure insulation systems meet necessary levels;
  • Ductwork Inspection – check for problems in design or installation, leaks or obstructions, or other issues that contribute to performance degradation.

These tests will keep your home comfortable, utility costs as low as possible, energy efficiency maximized, and system life extended. We encourage homeowners in Southwest Florida to reach out to us for A/C performance evaluations as well as a host of other testing, remediation, and construction services. 

Air conditioning testing evaluates the capacity of your system to make sure that the reality is meeting the system’s potential. This diagnostic testing will include suggestions for maintenance, repairs, and adjustments to improve functionality. Our techs are then able to put that plan of action into play if you choose to allow our team to follow up with our suggestions for service.

Scheduling regular air conditioning performance testing is an excellent idea for homeowners. Finding small problems early will save you a huge headache and expense in the future. Optimize your system in order to improve the quality of the air you and your family breathe, the comfort level of the temperature, and even the amount you spend on home overhead.

Choose Innovative Construction Solutions

With 25+ years of experience and a dedication to quality work, Innovative Construction Solutions serves a wide range of clients including homeowners, contractors, architects and engineers, attorneys, and insurance companies. We are a subsidiary of BCB Homes and operate with the intention to always surpass our clients’ expectations.

In addition to hands-on services of remediation and construction, we also provide expertise for professionals as they evaluate plans for buildings, status of buildings, and testimony regarding a building’s status. 

The remediation services that we offer include finding and repairing window and roof leaks, water management, A/C performance testing, air leaks, systems testing, and building envelope analysis. We also offer construction services like waterproofing, window and door installation, and roofing. The one service that we do not provide is mold abatement. We can find it, diagnose it, and reconstruct after the mold is removed, but we do not remove it ourselves.

Maintain your home well by having our techs regularly evaluate the property, repair deficiencies, and provide maintenance. We’re here to make home ownership easy. Allow us to handle the chores while you enjoy the lifestyle, comfort, and joy that your property provides.

Homeowners in Marco Island, FL, have numerous options for air conditioning services, but performance testing from Innovative Construction Solutions is the best choice. We provide tons of services, expert level skills, decades of experience, and a reputation for integrity. Click here to contact us online or call (239) 384-5890.