Testing the performance of your air conditioning system in Estero, FL is an essential part of home ownership. Can you imagine a less pleasant way to spend an afternoon than in a house in Southwest Florida that’s not air conditioned? Keep your A/C in top working condition with the services we provide.

Air Conditioning Performance Testing Estero, FLThe performance testing provided by Innovative Construction Solutions will evaluate how well the system will work under strain as the temperatures rise. Our processes employ advanced and traditional testing in order to gain a comprehensive view of the air conditioning system. Early identification of problems with the air conditioner system allows you to spot and repair small problems pre-disaster. A proactive approach will save you money, aggravation, and a ton of unwanted sweat.

Evaluating an entire air conditioning system requires that you measure the capacity and health of the individual parts.

Airflow Testing

When air can’t flow through a home unrestricted, the result is an A/C system that isn’t performing as it should. The way that the system works requires that untreated air goes toward the system white treated air flows through the ducts all over the house. Innovative Construction Solutions will inspect the quality of the airflow everywhere in the home to find areas where the flow is inhibited for some reason.

Zone Pressure Testing

With zone pressure testing, technicians are able to evaluate how well the building envelope functions, particularly as related to air flow.

Blower Door Testing

Energy lost through building envelope defects can reduce the effectiveness of the A/C system, and blower door testing identifies this issue.

Energy Efficiency Testing

Calculating the efficiency of your A/C system allows you to establish whether the system is working at capacity, the amount of energy used to reach the desired home temperature, and whether repairs or upgrades could reduce the level of energy required.

Ductwork Testing

Ductwork is an essential element of an air conditioning system. If the ducts aren’t in top-notch condition and installed appropriately, the system won’t work to capacity and will have to work harder for the same result.

Static Pressure Testing

Static pressure testing evaluates for the conditions that cause high static. Symptoms of high static include unwelcome noises, uneven heating and cooling, and complete breakdown of the system.

A performance test of the whole and the parts of the A/C system in your home will allow you to maximize its effectiveness. Regular checks will find problems when they begin, not when they’ve been allowed to worsen. The longer it takes the more complicated and expensive the repair will become.

One critical part of air condition testing is to get a baseline. Your Innovative Construction Solutions team will be sure to do quality performance evaluations before any adjustments are made in order to ensure that testing is as accurate as possible.

When you choose a professional for air conditioning system testing, Innovative Construction Solutions can offer 25 years of experience, expert-level knowledge, and advanced building testing equipment. In addition to homeowners, we offer our services to building contractors as well as professionals in the legal and insurance fields.

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