All lovers of vino deserve a dedicated space within their homes to house the objects of their passion appropriately. Allow Innovative Construction Solutions to provide a wine cellar buildout for your Port Royal, FL, home. 

Wine Cellar Buildout Port Royal, FLInnovative Construction Solutions’ staff comprises building professionals across the spectrum of the industry with over 25 years of collective experience. As a subsidiary of BCB Homes, we offer services that protect the region’s homes from the environmental extremes to which they are regularly exposed.

Plan for Successful Wine Cellar Installation

Loving wine should not be the only factor you consider when planning a wine cellar build.

Planning for success requires carefully thinking out the plan for your wine cellar. Decisions will need to be made. Whether you plan to include space for display and entertaining, the aesthetic style for the space, the project’s budget, or the room’s size, our team can walk you through the details to create a plan you will be pleased with in the end.

The integral components of a wine cellar consist of insulation, a vapor barrier, and an airtight seal. The vapor barrier should be on the exterior of the insulation system, and the entire space should be airtight, an important factor to consider when planning for the door design. Any exterior wall will need a minimum of R-30 insulation, and interior walls should have at least R-12 – R-19 coverage.

Innovative Construction Solutions can provide the installation of your wine cellar and regular systems checks to ensure that temperature, humidity, and seals are maintained.

Concrete walls will need additional insulation coverage to maintain an appropriate temperature and humidity level within the wine cellar. All concrete – floor, walls, or ceiling – should be thoroughly sealed before installing insulation.

A wine cellar must provide an environment that maintains conditions appropriate for wine storage – 55-60°F temperatures, 60-70% relative humidity, darkness, and limited vibration.

The glass sections of your wine cellar can reduce the effectiveness of your insulation system, and the design will need to compensate for this loss. As we do at Innovative Construction Solutions, figuring out the thermal load, making adjustments, using double-paned and well-sealed glass, and choosing the right cooling unit, will require professional design.

Cooling unit options include the following three designs:

  • Through-the-Wall Cooling Systems – cheapest and easiest to install but require space, make noise, and necessitate cutting a hole in the wall.
  • Split Cooling Systems – Named so because some components are inside the wine cellar and some outside, connected via two refrigerant lines. This system limits noise and will not require a hole cut in the wall. 
  • Ducted Booking Systems – Allows cold air to be directed into the wine cellar from the cooling unit that is entirely separate from the wine cellar, so noise and space will not be an issue.

The aesthetic components of your wine cellar will be entirely within your domain as the homeowner. The wine racks, decor, seating, and surfaces you choose should fit within your plans for the space and your style preferences. Remember that the room is part of a home and should fit within it.

Increase the value of your Port Royal, FL home with a wine cellar buildout from Innovative Construction Solutions. Book with us today to discuss your plans by calling (239) 384-5890 or following this link to contact us online.